Universal Spiritual Awakening

Universal Spiritual Awakening
#WE-DO-NOT-CONSENT: "It's no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" ~ ~ J.Krishnamurti

Friday, May 16, 2014

Humanity Awakening To Covert Invasion of Grey-Archon (a.k.a Tall Whites and Nordics) Parasites on Planet Earth

UPDATED 04-04-2018
Archons - a.k.a. Greys, Grays, Tall Whites & Nordics with varying appearances similar to the terrestrial ant and termite caste system.  However, these insectoid, humanoid demons are highly advanced, (millions if not billions of years ahead) inter-dimensional ET parasites that surreptitiously hijacked planet Earth.  They feed on negative energy from manufactured destruction and death.   Earth is their soul harvesting farm<LINK>

Ronald Bernard "Inter-Dimensionals (i.e. Archons) Rule on Very Top of the Illuminati (i.e. MATRIX) Hierarchy"  <YouTube LINK> 

"The New World Order and the Alien Agenda is one and the same, it is world takeover of the population of the planet"   Phil Schneider <LINK>

The information on this post as well as the rest of the blog is presented in an informal, non-orthodox approach for the open minded seeker of truth.  It is up to each and everyone to meld and connect the dots.

Unfortunately we are not free. We haven’t been free for a few thousand years. 
We have overlords, trans-dimensional beings (Archons) who have invaded Earth many thousands of years ago. In the ancient legends, they are known as the gods. The Gnostics knew of them as the Archons. Don Juan called them The Predators.
They are our overlords, and they have constructed a matrix, or false covering of illusions, to cover the Earth, which keeps us captive.
We have been mind controlledbrainwashed and hypnotized to believe these illusions to be reality. They consider us their herd, and they feed off of us. That is the predicament we find ourselves in.  <LINK>

John F Kennedy tried to warn Americans that the nation was under sabotage by the anti-human Illuminati's New World Order Parasites which cost his life.

Not exactly complete but serves as a very brief, rudimentary introduction. The History of the Illuminati in 7 Minutes <LINK> 


The Black Nobility are the founders of the [modern] secret societies of our day from which all the others that are connected to the Illuminati originated from — the Committee of 300. The Club of Rome, the C.F.R., the R.I.I.A., the Bilderbergers, the Round Table… all originate from the Committee of 300 and therefore from the European Black Nobility families<LINK>

According to Robert Bigelow, famous in the aerospace industry for the manufacture of inflatable modules such as those tested out at the International Space Station, there are extraterrestrial beings living among humans.  The NASA partner has said that he is ‘absolutely convinced’ aliens are living among humans on Earth. During an interview with CBS’ “60 Minutes, he said: 
I’m absolutely convinced [that aliens exist],” he told reporter Lara Logan. “That’s all there is to it.” “There has been and is an existing presence, an ET presence,” Mr. Bigelow said. “And I spent millions and millions and millions – I probably spent more as an individual than anybody else in the United States has ever spent on this subject.” 
His company, Bigelow Aerospace, is developing expendable spacecraft for humans that can inflate and may provide much-needed shelter for future astronauts and colonists in space, and other planets. When asked about the risks that this declaration could represent for his public image, Bigelow was blunt: 
I do not give a damn,” adding that nothing he thinks, nor what the rest of the world thinks, can change this reality.   <LINK> 
COMMENT: Exactly how I feel.  I know the truth in my heart and everything posted here, above and below is to the best of my personal experience and intuition is the TRUTH. ~ P.L.

"The American economy is basically a war economy. The American military industrial complex with its associated other industries and corporations; banking and finance, intelligent technologies, telecommunication, military research, spying and surveillance departments, mercenary terrorist groups and proxy wars around the whole globe, are the major contributing factors to the revenues of the American mega-corporations, that are covertly controlled and directed by the Hidden Hand; the Secret Government:"Illuminati's New World Order USA Empire: Merchant of Death <LINK>

Gallery of Human Appearing Hybrid Parasites Responsible For "Manufactured" Sufferings on Earth:  The New World Order Proxies under Archon Directorship

Every level of the global human society, from world governments, military, police, major institutions all the way down to the common population infiltrated and infested by superficially appearing human-hybrid parasites:  Your 3D limited perception cannot see the difference.  Their job as Archon proxies, to subvert and sabotage the terrestrial human awakening.  So that their masters can continue to feed on human misery and harvest souls via manufactured wars among other Archon-made disasters

"US tradition (in their acts of war)  in that regard has long been to ignore civilian casualties; i.e., collateral damage of US attacks is okay or even desired (so as to terrorize the population into surrender) - not an 'issue', except, perhaps, for the PR people. "  Seymour Hersh <LINK>

“I just want an explanation from the government. Why would you do that to people?”  <LINK>

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” – Nikola Tesla <LINK>

First let me dispel a few myths and disinformation.  They are not reptilians and not affiliated with the super-human Anunnaki.  
The Archons have been documented to appear in several physical forms from the core humanoid insect form to the near human shape.  Also known as the Greys, Tall Whites and Nordics.  In terse summary the Archons are highly advanced (millions if not billions year old specie) demonic, inter-dimensional humanoid parasite insects which hijacked Earth long ago by stealth and deception.  They created the New World Order - Illuminati syndicates populated by their genetically engineered, human appearing hybrids.  In short the Archons are demons.
Shortly after the Anunnaki, "olden gods" the architects of the Sumerian race was defeated and pushed out by the Archons the Abrahamic  monotheistic religion was forced upon the world which prevails to this day. 

"If you are a man, Winston, you are the last man. Your kind is extinct; we are the inheritors." Book of 1984, George Orwell

Over four short years, from 1975 to 1979, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge systematically exterminated up to 3 million people.  <LINK>

"On the very day that the US 8th Army delivered its stop refugee order in July 1950, up to 400 South Korean (unarmed) civilians gathered by the bridge were killed by US forces from the 7th Cavalry Regiment. Some were shot above the bridge, on the railroad tracks. Others were strafed by US planes. More were killed under the arches in an ordeal that local survivors say lasted for three days."  <LINK>

"Many wanted to believe that the massacre at My Lai was the aberrant act of a few… a few bad apples.  But in “Civilian Killings Went Unpunished,” (Los Angeles Times, August 6, 2006) Nick Turse and Deborah Nelson document beyond any level of doubt that the military and the government’s own records show that a cohort of U.S. soldiers in Vietnam perpetrated massacres that included the involvement of every single division of the military. This lethal bloodletting was carried out by a minority in the military, but these incidents of mass murder in varying degrees went on during the course of the war. The enemy body counts demanded by commanders were not enough to explain away mass murder and neither was the bogeyman of anticommunism."


Would Deep State murder children for “The End Justifies the Means” objective?


"This nation’s bloodlust continued well after the end of World War II. Barely half a decade later, this country bombed North Korea into complete oblivion, destroying over 8,700 factories, 5,000 schools, 1,000 hospitals, 600,000 homes, and eventually killing off as much as 20 percent of the country’s population. As the Asia Pacific Journal has noted, the assaulting country dropped so many bombs that they eventually ran out of targets to hit, turning to bomb the irrigation systems, instead<LINK>

Stalin, Churchill & FDR Were Guilty Of The Mass Murder Of Millions Of Allied POWs  <Link>  

Why Then Were Atom Bombs Dropped on Japan?

If dropping nuclear bombs was unnecessary to end the war or to save lives, why was the decision to drop them made? Especially over the objections of so many top military and political figures? <LINK>

Genocides by Governments <LINK>
Over 40,000 Civilians Massacred in Battle for Mosul <LINK>
Hiroshima and Nagasaki Death Toll <LINK> 
Hitler vs. Stalin: Who Killed More? <LINK>
Mass killings under Communist regimes <LINK> 


3 Genocides Erased from History <LINK>
Vietnam Holocaust - Nearly 5 million Murdered <LINK>
Irish Holocaust - 5.2 Million Murdered <LINK>
American Civil War - 750,000 Dead <LINK>
The Indonesia Massacre’s Historic Message <LINK>
Unit 731: The WW2 Holocaust The West Tried To Erase From History <LINK>
By the early 1920s, when the massacres and deportations finally ended, some 1.5 million of Turkey’s Armenians were dead <LINK>
The untold story of Eisenhower's Rhine Meadows Death Camps - A Deliberate Policy of Extermination of the Surrendered German forces by the Allies in post war Germany (Rheinwiesenlager). <LINK> 

From 13 to 15 February 1945, British (and some American) heavy bombers dropped 2,400 tons of high explosives and 1,500 tons of incendiary bombs onto the ancient cathedral city of Dresden. In just a few hours, around 25,000 to 35,000 civilians were blown up or incinerated  <Dresden was a civilian town with no military significance. Why did we burn its people? LINK >

Stalin’s Red Famine Murdered 5,000,000 in Ukraine <LINK>
Massive, Global list of Genocide Murders by International States <LINK>
GERMAN HOLOCAUST GERMAN GENOCIDE: 9-15 Million Germans Killed 1945 – 1953 Post WW2 “The Morgenthau Plan” EISENHOWER’S DEATH CAMPS “A Forgotten Genocide” <LINK>
Mao's Great Leap Forward 'killed 45 million in four years' <LINK>
Mao's Great Leap Forward killed 45 million in four years <LINK>
Western Wars Have Killed Four Million Muslims Since 1990 <LINK>
How American History Erases Mass Murders Against Native Americans <LINK>
Death: By 1945, some three million non-Jewish Ukrainians had been murdered by the Germans, in addition to the Holocaust <LINK>
The KILLING Fields: Reclaiming the Truth About Vietnam Buried with the massacred victims of "senseless" wars <LINK>
US Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since World War II <LINK>
Devil’s Punchbowl — An American Concentration Camp So Horrific It was Erased from History <LINK>

This is how the so called human appearing hybrid "leaders" of the so called free world (and non-free worlds) justified mass human genocide using their government appointed, unqualified, god like power for perpetual suffering and extermination of terrestrial humanity for thousands of years.  

From the invasion of China in 1937 to the end of World War II, the Japanese military regime murdered near 3,000,000 to over 10,000,000 people, most probably almost 6,000,000 Chinese, Indonesians, Koreans, Filipinos, and Indochinese, among others, including Western prisoners of war. <LINK>

The Romani genocide also known as the Porajmos or Samudaripen ("Mass killing"), was the planned and attempted effort, often described as a genocide, during World War II by the government of Nazi Germany and its allies to exterminate the Romani people of Europe. Under the rule of Adolf Hitler, a supplementary decree to the Nuremberg Laws was issued on 26 November 1935, defining Gypsies as "enemies of the race-based state".  Historians estimate that 220,000 to 500,000 Romani were killed by the Nazis and their collaborators, or 25% to over 50% of the slightly fewer than 1 million Roma in Europe at the time. <LINK>

Archons using their genetically engineered human appearing hybrid parasites (proxies) to perpetrate "manufactured wars" for harvesting energy and lives from terrestrial humans.
Truth! And these parasites appear human to our 3D limited sensory perception. They've controlled our terrestrial specie for thousands years. We know them today as the Illuminati syndicate and the New World Order. Every level of the global human society surreptitiously infiltrated and infested especially concentrated at the government, Military, police and major institution levels. They're also found among all levels of the common population.
Albert Pike was a Top Illuminati Grand Wizard, a notorious Luciferian, and a General for the Confederacy in the American civil war. He is perhaps most famous for his 'string of three world wars' prediction, as he was correct about WWI and WWII, with his prediction for WWIII now seemingly following the New World Order's plans<LINK>

The "Hybrids" bragging out in the open because they think you are too stupid to figure this out.  No doubt about it - the ILLUMINATI Syndicate (New World Order). If this doesn't spell it out loud and clear nothing will. 

What dark secret are they hiding and why? Why is the Illuminati syndicate addicted to torturing terrestrial humans?
"Trump Scrambles To Keep CIA Torture Report Secret: The 6,700-page document excoriated US torture policies after 9/11 and noted that not a single incident of a terrorist attack had been foiled because of the torture." <LINK>

The illustration was reputedly taken from the infamous Bohemian Grove ceremony location in Monte Rio, CA.  Where billionaires and global power brokers gather to reinforce their "secret society" allegiance known under various names but all members are part of the New World Order - Illuminati syndicate.  If you do some research on this you will be surprised - SHOCKED - to learn who was there for the record.  As I said often, every level of the global society surreptitiously infiltrated and infested by human appearing parasites especially in governments, military and major institutions that glues the MATRIX together.  Take another look at this picture which claims to represent a giant owl.  Although they allude to it as the "owl" (using the "power of suggestion" by deception) BUT the giant statue is NOT!  They've openly, with unprecedented brazenness exhibited the above statue because they think terrestrial humans are too stupid to read it for what it really is:  
Giant Humanoid Mantid Insect entity.  It is wearing cape not wings. 

 Writer V. Susan Ferguson wonders if an extraterrestrial race is already here, in the millions, and if the planet is being altered to be more favorable to their particular needs.
“They are Terraforming our Earth to make it suitable for the hybrids that are now said to number in the millions. A planet that has been slowly chemically altered, made physically denser, warmer, drier and slightly more radioactive and methane-rich is evident. The insanity of building nuclear power plants next to ocean shores as in Fukushima show an intent to increase radiation. The melting of the Arctic, Greenland, and Antarctica is causing the release of vast amounts of methane. Are the hybrids immune to large amounts of radiation and methane. Do aluminum resistant GMOs agree with their immune systems?” [Source]

 “We need to wake up a sleeping society in American today.”  Satanic cults ( human appearing hybrids) operate in cooperation with secret individuals (New World Order hybrids) in government, and are a threat. " ~ Ted Gunderson former FBI agent

The problem is that you have allowed an alien race to take over your world and make slaves of you. You are only now waking up to this fact, and you are looking for the answers. They are the 1% and you are the 99%. You do not need them, but they need you. As the light of truth is now flooding the Earth, all becomes clear and you can take action. Refuse to comply with their unrealistic demands. The main COSH they use to keep you in check, is (of course) MONEY. They invented the money system for this very purpose. Banks have been their most useful tool and they have used them against you in every possible way. Their great fear is that you will wake up and see what they are doing. <LINK>

Robert Bigelow: There has been and is an existing presence, an ET presence.
"It’s just like right under people’s noses."


"Not only did Columbus have an effect on the indigenous people in the lands he set out to “conquer,” but the religious doctrine that “legalized” the native genocide he pioneered went on to become federal law in the United States.<LINK>

"The New World Order cult that rules the world administers a Satanic Pedophilia Network, including top-level politicians like Australian Prime Ministers and US Presidents. 
She reveals that this network, composed of famous actors, celebrities, judges, politicians and other high-flyers, has infiltrated all the key organizations and institutions in Australia – just as it has in the US and Britain.
It’s a tough and bitter pill to swallow, but we have to face the cold hard truth: the world is run by a Satanic cult, whose members have infiltrated the top layers and power centers of Australian, American and British society (and those of numerous other countries). "  <LINK>

"How the CIA infiltrates and is protected by the media and all the branches of the government, and how they can create chaos and control political messages, here and abroad." 
C.I.A. Anti-Human Subversion "Entitities" Responsible for Destabilization of America and the World <LINK>

a.k.a "Men in Black" because they are not terrestrial humans.
The most diabolic, toxic, anti-human progenitor of the MATRIX.  The source of disinformation, fake news, false flags, and perpetual manufactured wars.  The architect of the 9-11 attack on America: One of the countless covert sabotage inflicted against humanity in order to subvert, subjugate and destroy terrestrial humans for thousand of years by way of deception and stealth  sabotage. They are known by many names CIA, MI6,and Mossad but they are all one and the same! 
Perpetrators of the global toxic contamination of Earth by Air -Chemtrails, Land-Monsanto and fossil fuel spills and Water-Fukushima and fossil fuel spills.  Their agenda is to restrict and limit the natural resources accessible for terrestrial human survival:  Part of this Agenda-21 plan to  force and imprison terrestrial humans into artificial "walled" concentration enclosures.
ANSWER: They are known by several names, primarily as Archon, Grey, Nordics and Tall White parasites - demonic inter-dimensional humanoid insects - with their human appearing genetically engineered  proxies known as the "NWO-Illuminati" hybrid parasites.

It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable, and to propagandize the American people to hate, so we will let the establishment spend any amount of money on arms….”  <LINK>

C.I.A - (C)overtly (I)nfiltrated by (A)rchons
a.k.a.  "Men in Black" (MIB) because they are NOT terrestrial humans.

CIA was created through the Council on Foreign relations with no congressional approval, and historically the CFR is also tied into the mainstream media (MSM.) The CIA was the “central node” of the shadow government and controlled all of other 16 intelligence agencies despite the existence of the DNI. The agency also controls defense and intelligence contractors, can manipulate the president and political decisions, has the power to start wars, torture, initiate coups, and commit false flag attacks.  <LINK>

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a Schumer supporter.  (Since he's a member of the cabal his quote is used here because he would be one to know for fact)   "The CIA is an internal threat to the rule of law and to the government that it supposedly serves." Senator Schumer acknowledges the CIA’s unbridled power, its subversive power, its power to undermine even a president. <LINK> 

Symbolic representation of infestation by insect eggs. 
Illuminati's New World Order:  Infestation about 30% complete
See the movie "They Live" by John Carpenter
They are openly bragging because they think you are too stupid to understand it:
The globe within cracking globe is the parasitic symbol expression of the (re-)emerging and expanding  "New World Order" by the NWO-Illuminati "Hybrid" parasites which by guess estimation, currently, infested humanity up to 
30% of the global population.

The New World Order has been in place for centuries. Is it not time to start calling the NWO by another name? A descriptive term that encapsulates the essence of the beast (Archons) would be a Nefarious Warrior Organism. Such a phrase strips away the ridiculous notion that there is any order in the malevolent organization of the parasitic global structure.  <LINK>

“There is pedophilia running rampant in Hollywood,” Robberson said. . . . this ring preys on young children and it is made up of the “highest upper echelons of Hollywood, (Elites) executive VPs of development, producers, mega-power agents and the international bankers that fund all this stuff.”  <LINK>

Pizzagate Has Not Been Officially Investigated To This Date! Why?  The answer to this question is that like so many scandals involving the elite – a huge cover-up is likely underway in which the (Human Appearing) elites (NWO-ILLUMINATI "HYBRID" PARASITES) in government, media and law enforcement are trying to bury this story as deep as possible and keep it from public view.  <Article link>

One would think we would be awake to this by now, after so many topics once thought to be “crazy” are now being revealed as true.  <LINK>

Masters of the Art of Deception and Covert Sabotage.  Disguised in glittering suits covered with diamonds and medals in precious metals.  Living in excess of luxury stolen and leached from terrestrial humanity's blood and toil in form of taxes, industrial monopoly, wars, and other forms of legalized robbery.  In the forefront you'll recognize the infamous C.I.A. president also "Skull 'n Bones" and the 9-11 president.  These human appearing parasites are known as the Illuminati's New World Order or in short the "Elites"  <LINK>

The Black Nobility earned its title through dirty tricks, so when the population revolted against the monopolies in government, as anywhere else (aren’t we), the leaders of the uprising were quickly seized and brutally hanged. The Black Nobility uses secret assassinations, murder, blackmail, the bankrupting of opposing citizens or companies, kidnapping, rape and so on… hence their name<LINK>

"Uncloaked" human appearing hybrid eyes vary from the common feline pupil to all black among  other, non-terrestrial, shape and color.

Free Thought Project pointed outpedophilia among the elite is rampant. <LINK>

A helmet-shaped head of the Tall White Parasites a.k.a.  Archon, Nordic and Greys


The Aztecs came long after the Maya. The Mexican government had agreed to disclose to the public several archaeological objects that have remained hidden for decades, from the time they were discovered.  <Article Source>

While powerful political insiders partaking in ceremonies that have been described as Satanic may seem like something that could exist only in a Dennis Wheatley novel, a June 2015 conversation between Podesta and famed performance artist and occultist Marina Abramović proves such scenarios are chillingly real. 
"Human appearing" Elites Participate in Occult Rituals <Link>

The entertainment industry, powerful political centers, and even organized religion have been shown to be major centers where this horrific abuse [Predatory Pedophilia] has been enabled and widely accepted among the “elites” and other powerful individuals that dominate these institutions. <LINK>  

Since the dawn of civilized man, the ruling class have been controlled by extra-terrestrial/ dimensional beings, with an agenda which ultimately establishes the human race as mindless and robotic slaves to a system based on fear and control. Controversy has become the mantra of the whirlwind that is David Icke’s life over the past few decades. Since the early 90’s, he has challenged people’s parameters of reality suggesting that all is not what it seems in regards to how our world is run.

David’s verdict is clear; the people that lie at the top of our power structures are hiding a sinister secret, one that would make anyone sound crazy if it were verbalized. 

Since the dawn of civilized man, the ruling class have been controlled by extra-terrestrial/ dimensional beings, with an agenda which ultimately establishes the human race as mindless and robotic slaves to a system based on fear and control.The ruling class, the bankers, the royal family, the presidents and prime ministers, have created the illusion of being separate ruling bodies when in fact they have always been on the same “team” of sorts. 

The human brain can only see an extremely limited spectrum of energy, as we know there are a plethora of different forms of energy in our universe and thousands of different frequencies around us at any given moment that we cannot see, such as radio and radiation waves.

Icke suggests that ET’s and other beings exist in our universe, but they operate at a frequency just above what the human mind is said to be able to detect(3). This could explain the strange sightings of UFO’s that seem to appear and disappear in an instant.

Could it be that the UFO’s or ET’s are advanced enough that they can raise or lower their frequency to come in and out of the visible light frequency spectrum? 

This is something that Icke says the ruling elite are aware of, knowledge that is used to manipulate mankind into thinking that our experience is limited to a 3D reality.  <Complete Article Source Link>

“I don’t feel guilty because I’m engaged in an amoral activity which is not meant to have anything to do with guilt.” <Article Source>

"They Live" can indeed be interpreted as a treatise on the thorough and systematic conditioning of human experience in order for a hidden elite to covertly control, manipulate and exploit the masses. In the movie, the rulers are portrayed as a completely different race that perceives humans as inferior – something that can easily be correlated to the attitudes about the bloodlines of the Illuminati. Many of those who seek the truth about the world realize that it’s reins are held by an un-elected elite, one that is essentially hidden from the public eye.
“You see them on the street. You watch them on TV. You might even vote for one this fall. You think they’re people just like you. You’re wrong. Dead wrong.”
Working behind the scenes, this secretive elite constantly works towards the creation of a global system that would serve its interests: a New World Order, ruled by one world government.  Movie 'They Live' : Planet Earth Subverted and Enslaved By The MATRIX Illusion, Constructed by Human Appearing Parasites <Link>

"Conspiracy of Silence" is a powerful, disturbing documentary revealing a nationwide child abuse and pedophilia ring that leads to the highest levels of government.Featuring intrepid investigator John DeCamp, a highly decorated Vietnam war veteran and 16-year Nebraska state senator, "Conspiracy of Silence" reveals how rogue elements at all levels of government have been involved in systematic child abuse and pedophilia to feed the base desires of key politicians."  <LINK>

FOR THE RECORD:  You have been deceived, lied to and cheated out of the truth about the reality of the world we live in.
There are TWO human races;
The original terrestrial humans - meaning us.  And the, secret, undocumented - NWO-Illuminati "Hybrid" Parasiteshuman "appearing" race which blends in perfectly and seamlessly with us terrestrial humans.  

These hostile parasite hybrids, for all intent and purposes appear human to our 3D limited sensory perception. Every level of the global human society surreptitiously infiltrated and infested by the human appearing parasites.  They control global governments, including ours, military, police and all major institutions.  
I wish I could wake everyone up to this fact but unfortunately at this point the only thing which appears to expose them require extra-sensory perception among the few of us "real" humans.
We are being blamed for the global destruction caused by these, malicious human appearing hybrid parasites, by way of deception and covert sabotage.


CIA - (C)overtly (I)nfiltrated by (A)rchons
One of the most notorious human appearing NWO-Illuminati "Hybrid" parasite in living history : Former CIA-President gloating how easy it was to manipulate terrestrial humanity by way of deception and covert sabotage. These hostile parasite hybrids, for all intent and purposes appear human to our 3D limited sensory perception. Every level of the global human society surreptitiously infiltrated and infested by the human appearing parasites. They control global governments, including ours, military, police and all major institutions. It's very important for you to understand that these parasites are not just the "cabal"; they are an entire "human appearing" race which at my personal speculation, from what I've seen and experienced, infested about 30% of the global population.

DISCLAIMER:  In the interest of factual accuracy the photo above of the Nazi demon posing with Prescott Bush may be a photo-shop.  The actual in person meeting cannot be confirmed in any historical record.  I'm unable to delete or revise this picture due to unknown html errors so it's left as is.  However the actual relationship was factually real.  Please refer to the following link for in-depth presentation how Prescott Bush actively engaged in the rise of the Third Reich and the Nazi demon Hitler - https://youtu.be/ClP7ZCWox2s <LINK>

C.I.A. Torture Just Tip of the Iceberg <LINK>
The NEW WORLD ORDER Orchestrated by the NWO-Illuminati "Hybrid" Parasites - The Secret "Human Appearing" Race <Link>

Grey-Archon Parasites (a.k.a. Tall Whites) :  Architects of the MATRIX and Masters of World Governments, Military, Police and major Institutions on Earth.  These Humanoid Insect Parasites are the hidden perpetrators of  the global toxic, weaponized Chemtrail assault on Earth; contamination and poisoning of land, water and food.  The Tall White Parasites control Earth through their genetically engineered proxies: The human appearing NWO-Illuminati "Hybrid" Parasites  that which surreptitiously infiltrated and infested all levels of humanity from top down to the population to manipulate humans by way of deception and covert sabotage. 

Awakening Reaction Against the Globalist Parasites <Link>

“Today the path to total dictatorship in the U.S. can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by Congress, the President, or the people. Outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system a well-organized political-action group in this country, determined to destroy our Constitution and establish a one-party state.... The important point to remember about this group is not its ideology but its organization… It operates secretly, silently, continuously to transform our Government.... This group ... is answerable neither to the President, the Congress, nor the courts. It is practically irremovable.”— Senator William Jenner, 1954 speech <Article Source Link>
Since the day of our creation, mankind has been dominated and shaped by inhuman entities (Grey-Archon Parasites and their human appearing NWO-Illuminati "Hybrids"), to behave more like cattle. The shapers themselves know this to be true. They also know that if we are not kept ignorant many of us will one day learn to ask the proper questions, until we finally locate the evidence that proves it is all true. Through diligent research, various people have discovered proof of the machinery that controls America’s economy, its political system, its military, its educational system, its medical system, every facet of life. This knowledge is a direct threat to the elite (Hybrid Parasites).
The elite (Hybrid Parasites) power game is designed to wear the people down, as they move the nation slowly toward a predicted outcome, where the majority becomes exhausted from fighting a losing struggle and completely submits to total elite domination of all resources. When the American masses freely surrender their free will to the dark overlords (demonic hybrid parasites), in the name of security, the fate of the world will be sealed by this lawless tyranny. Destruction and suffering, such as has never been witnessed by the eyes of man, will be unleashed upon the helpless victim populations of the earth. <Don’t Give Your Consent to Slavery LINK>
Chemtrail Poisoning by the Grey-Archon Parasites (NWO-Illuminati Parasites) against all life on Earth.  This is the anti-human agenda holding all life on our planet under hostile, toxic hostage. 

Weather Warfare Assault, A Physician Speaks Out <Link>
Cloaked Chemtrail UFO EXPOSED: Grey-Archon Parasites "Cover-Up" Toxic, Weaponized Aerosol Dumping With Deceptive "Plane" Hologram Projection <Link> 
Experts: Chemtrails 'Not Natural' And Causing 'DNA Damage,' Weather Manipulation Destroying Earth <Link>
Now, as humanity’s awakening accelerates, the lid is beginning to lift on this Intervention. Although souls will still be sensitive to what has previously been a taboo subject, ‘disclosure’ is now beginning to happen.

For those who care to explore, delving deeply beyond denial, you can see the rippling effects right across our exploitative and unjust society (it’s covertly influencing leadership in many areas from politics to business).

In fact society is so unjust, so inequitable and so destructive to our environment, you’d have to ask was it purposefully designed that way? How can it be anything other than a conspiracy, when just one percent of the population own most of the wealth at the expense of the other ninety nine percent? Is there an alternative, synthetic agenda this Opposing Consciousness has in mind? To me there is only one answer: resoundingly Yes!

Considering themselves more advanced and having the ability to intervene almost at will, they have shaped the very fabric of society, showing about as much consideration for humanity as our industrial food chain does for animals.

Mankind is not alone in the universe and is as yet, immature in a cosmic sense. What now needs to be digested with a sense of urgency, is that Humanity is facing a grave threat, a challenge to it’s very sovereignty and freedom as integral beings. An unholy, inter dimensional alliance has been working behind the scenes(Archons), in the shadows, pulling the strings of authority, its agenda to hybridise new physical forms here on earth. Although vigorously rejected by Gaia, the Alien Intervention still very much exists in the energy field around us – they are the ‘mechanics’ of the matrix in which we live.

Fortunately there is a vast array of cosmic energy now gathering on and around Planet Earth, to bring awareness to humanity, to challenge and break the intervention. The message is being willfully transmitted that such control and manipulation has no ultimate future; realignment with the source and the natural flow is the only way to achieve lasting peace and harmony with life.

Learn more at:  http://www.wakingtimes.com/2013/08/21/alien-intervention-on-earth/

What will it take to break through from our human imposed 3D limited sensory perception?
The current predominant world paradigm is that if a thing can not be explained, detailed, analysed and documented by linear scientific thought processes then it's mumbo jumbo. If you have a spiritual explanation for human existence then your crazy, you're in dream land. The scientific mindset says everything in the universe must be capable of explanation either now or at some point in the future by scientific analytic methods alone. Science says "In the absence of scientific proof it's not worth the
time discussing. If it can not be put in a box with a label then forget it. Go figure out what box you can put it in, label it, then come back to us and we'll see if we agree". Can you see the limitations that this puts on human development?

 Quantum particle behavior can not be explained in terms of science alone, that is to say, it can not be explained in terms of the mind because the mind by it's nature functions on the basis that reality consists of things, things that can be broken down into individual bits of information and explained in a linear mechanical fashion. To realise how flawed this mindset is you must first accept that this is a relative world in which we live and on the conscious level we interact with other human beings and the rest of the universe in a linear fashion. This is the nature of the mind. We must go beyond the mind to access the answers. - - Josh Richardson

What is the Connection Between Government and their Long-Standing Evasive Non-Disclosure?  What are "They" hiding and Why?
The connection are the NWO-Illuminati "Hybrid" Parasites illustrated above on the left.  These Hybrids are genetic creations by the Grey-Archon Parasites.  Together they control world governments, military, police and all major infrastructure institutions - the constructs of the MATRIX: Holding humanity hostage on prison planet Earth. 
Every level of our human society from Government top down infiltrated by Archontic Parasite agents which appear human  from our 3D limited sensory perception.

Government Officially At War Against Humanity <link>

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Pope Francis Bergoglio, Catholic Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby were found guilty of rape, torture, murder and trafficking of children. Five judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels determined that the crimes occurred as recently as 2010. Since last March over 48 eyewitnesses have come forward to testify before this ICLCJ Court about the defendants’ activities as members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult.  <LINK>

The practice of pedophilia rises all the way up to the highest levels of the Catholic church with the highest profile arrest of the pope’s own chief financial advisor being the latest brought up on charges. Cardinal George Pell was brought up on charges in late June 2017 for “historical sexual assault offenses” dating back to 1961 when Pell was a trainee priest. <LINK>

The Greys, a.k.a. Tall Whites are interdimensional-hyperdimensional insect parasites. The ancient Gnostic, several thousands years ago, referred to these demonic parasites as the Archons:  Warning our global humanity at all levels of society infiltrated and infested by these anti-human creatures.  The Archons are the former architects of the  current MATRIX forcing humanity and planet Earth under hostile, toxic hostage.


The human appearing hybrids are telling you clearly in the open because they know the human mind was programmed to "crash" with the "in your face" revelations.

Prison Planet Earth is a Soul Harvesting Farm facilitated by the human appearing hybrid parasites via manufactured destruction of human lives for their Archon overlord.
Vatican Throne Room

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