Universal Spiritual Awakening

Universal Spiritual Awakening
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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Current Progress on Relocating from New York to Oregon

Slowly but surely making steady progress packing and clearing our old household.  My wife wants to include a few items from a storage space located in Howes Cave, NY for the move to Oregon.  So I tried to renew my trailer's registration online to bring the stuff back from Howes Cave.  Turns out if a registration expired for more than a year it can no longer be renewed with a few keyboard strokes.  DMV website informs the entire registration processing has to be started from scratch but there was no obvious options I can see from online.

Ran down to the local DMV to process the registration application.  Time ran out  because I was expecting someone to stop by to pick up stuff I'm giving away.  Sometimes this week I'll have to return  to finish the registration processing.

Heading out tomorrow for 40 minute drive to open up the Howes Cave storage after some 8 years of sitting there.  Had to ask the the business place to help cut the lock because after all these years of non-use I forgot where they keys were.  To be continued tomorrow with pictures.

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