Universal Spiritual Awakening

Universal Spiritual Awakening
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Reconciling the Paranormal With Mainstream Scientific Thinking

"A problem with the empirical approach to “proving” the existence of paranormal events is the reliance on the use of technologies available to man to measuring these phenomena – for instance, the fact that no one has ever produced a verified photograph of a ghost or spirit is taken as ample evidence for their non-existence, while the notion that perhaps the machine itself is incapable of capturing something that exists on a different plane of reality is rarely considered. But this problem is gradually being increasingly addressed by a growing number of scientists, many of whom who are at the cutting edge of consciousness research, recognizing the crucial link between how the mind works in relationship to paranormal experiences.

Another scientist also posited a scientific explanation for seemingly inexplicable phenomena. Bernard Carr, an astronomy and mathematics professor from Queen Mary University of London, has suggested that the idea of the multi-dimensional universe could explain how and why such phenomena occur – manifesting outside the realm of the four dimensions with which we are familiar, such experiences represent our low-level consciousness interacting with entities on a higher dimensional level, Since the concept is in its infancy – and open to endless debate and speculation – we have yet to develop the relevant tools, both literally and emotionally, to fully grasp the implications."

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