Universal Spiritual Awakening

Universal Spiritual Awakening
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Friday, June 13, 2014

Foraging Guide – with 12 Nutritious Wild Plants That Anyone Can Find

By Trinity Bourne

Nature’s Superfoods on Your Doorstep
In days gone by, wild foods were all we had, and were a staple diet necessary for human health and survival. Often full of natural medicinal benefits, wild foods often saved lives in times of famine, war and ill health.

It’s a little bizarre to contemplate how radically removed from nature we have actually become. As intensive farming methods and consumerism came into being, our general attunement to nature fell away, and our knowledge thereof has somewhat dwindled.

 Increasing food prices, uncertain times of global change and decreasing food availability has invited more and more people to contemplate alternative ways of finding food by foraging…

Not forgetting of course, the huge waves of people, like myself, who simply feel that eating wild plant food is one of the most vibrational raising ways to reconnect with nature. For me personally, none greater is the joy of sitting down to share a meal brimming with natures super food. Sensitively foraging for wild foods can help foster a much more sustainable way of life. Wild foods require no packaging; cause no pollution due to far off transportation (food miles) and they certainly don’t require the harmful, man made chemicals that seem to be endemic in today’s world.
Finding Out What’s Available in Your Locality

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