Universal Spiritual Awakening

Universal Spiritual Awakening
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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Why Fluoride In Drinking Water Is Poison

by Marco Torres

Since the new year, eight more cities and regions in Canada, Australia and The United States have no to fluoridating water supplies. Most developed nations, including the vast majority of western Europe, do not fluoridate their drinking water.

Since health authorities in North America (The MATRIX) have refused to let go of the fluoridation paradigm ,   local communities are doing the work for them.

Since 2010, over 70 communities have rejected the practice and the world is finally becoming aware of the dangers of poisoning drinking water with this toxic chemical.

In the few months, Oberon in New South Wales, Australia, Boyne Michigan, Bolton England, Saint John in New Brunswick, Canada and counties in Florida are the latest to say no to water fluoridation.

There are now serious facts and health risks regarding fluoridation which can no longer be ignored and the practice itself is being questioned by most of the world.

A growing number of communities are choosing to stop adding fluoride to their water systems, even though the federal government and federal health officials (The MATRIX) maintain their full support.

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