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Universal Spiritual Awakening
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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Police Brutality: Stop Trying to Cure the Symptoms!

The despicable events in Ferguson, Missouri centering on the cold-blooded murder of teenager Mike Brown, has drawn more attention to the subject of police brutality, to the point that even establishment shills like Arianna Huffington are saying things have gotten out of control. The fact that police in the United States have grown increasingly militarized over the last 40 years, and almost no politician or pundit ever took notice at all, is sickening.

This is emphasis on military equipment is to miss the point.

“Militarization” consists in mindset, not in equipment. The police didn’t change their mission because they received the equipment. Rather, the national government ensured police received the weapons, tanks and equipment they needed to fulfill the mission the political class (The MATRIX) had tasked them with.

People who lament the militarization of police too often come at the issue from the false mindset that police are supposed to be something other than what they in fact are: enforcers of legislation that is drafted by and for the benefit of a parasitic class that lives off of acquiring “donations” from people under threat of violence (taxes).

In short, the police are part of the enforcement arm of a protection racket, as people like Thomas DiLorenzo have argued irrefutably.

Police aren’t “confused” about their mission. They are fulfilling their mission precisely every time they serve a no-knock warrant or bust up a protest.

Police aren’t lacking in “proper training.” To the contrary, they are given all the training they need in how to employ their weapons with deadly effect, how to talk people out of their 4th and 5th Amendment rights, and how to escalate otherwise benign situations to the point where arrests can be made and property seized.

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