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Monday, September 8, 2014

Only When We Are Free of Rulers Will We Live with Dignity

UPDATED: 01/22/2018
It just makes official what has been U.S. policy since 9/11, which is that there will be no notice taken of war crimes"  <LINK>

"The major function of secrecy in Washington is to keep the U.S. people and U.S. Congress from knowing what the nation's leaders are doing. Secrecy is power. Secrecy is license. Secrecy covers up mistakes. Secrecy covers up corruption" ~ ~ John Stockwell  <LINK>

Canada’s former Minister of National Defence, Paul Hellyer, said in 2008:
"It is ironic that the U.S. would begin a devastating war, allegedly in search of weapons of mass destruction when the most worrisome developments in this field are occurring in your own backyard.  It is ironic that the U.S. should be fighting monstrously expensive wars  allegedly to bring democracy to those countries, when it itself can no longer claim to be called a democracy when trillions, and I mean thousands of billions of dollars have been spent on projects which both congress and the commander in chief know nothing about.<LINK>

Facebook Censorship on Steroids <LINK>
“The truth is coming and it cannot be stopped.” <Link>
We’ve Been Sold a Lie – Time to Stop Watching the Show <Link>
EVERYTHING IS RIGGED: You are Living in a Fabricated Fairy Tale <Link>
9/11 VERDICT: Mainstream Media Guilty Of The Biggest Coverup In US History <Link>
Was Adolf Hitler's Death Faked by the NWO-Illuminati Syndicate? <LINK>

“All three buildings were destroyed by carefully planned, orchestrated and executed controlled demolition.” – Professor Lynn Margulis, Department of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts at Amherst and National Academy of Science member, one of many academics who has been very outspoken regarding 9/11 <LINK>

UN Peace Council: The US media is lying to the American people. The war in Syria is not a civil war, it's a proxy invasion by the United States <Link>
From Start to Finish Entire U.S. Presidential Election is Fake <Link>
Americans Have No “Independence” to Celebrate — What July 4th Has Become in a Police State <Link>

When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals
<click here to view>

Isn’t It Time To Admit That We Live Under A Criminal Enterprise System Ruled By Sociopaths? (VIDEO)
Pentagon Cannot Account For $6.5 Trillion Dollars
CIA Whistleblower Is Literally Facing 100 Years In Prison <link>

Dignity requires liberty. Only when we are truly free — free of rulers — will we live with dignity.

The state steals our dignity. It imposes authority, exploits fear, compels collectivism, enforces conformity, and demands capitulation. It denies respect for individual rights and responsibilities, the essence of human dignity.

Some of us ultimately see the world with open eyes

The Empire of Infinite Lies <link>
Carl Sagan's Son: 9/11 Inside Job <link>
David Icke - 9/11 Was An Inside Job <link>
Inside 9/11 - Who controlled the planes? <link>
Undeniable Proof of 9/11 as a Nuclear Event <link>
Scientists Confirm Explosives Used to Demolish Towers on 9/11 <Link>
Shanksville Coroner: No Bodies Found at 9/11 ‘Crash’ Site – Not a Single drop of Blood <LINK>
It’s Official: European Scientific Journal Concludes 9/11 was a Controlled Demolition <LINK>

September 11 is one of winning cards in the American archives, because all the wise people in the world who are experts on American policy and who analyze the images and the videos [of 9/11] agree unanimously that what happened in the [Twin] Towers was a purely American action, planned and carried out within the U.S. Proof of this is the sequence of continuous explosions that dramatically ripped through both buildings. … Expert structural engineers demolished them with explosives, while the planes crashing [into them] only gave the green light for the detonation – they were not the reason for the collapse. But the U.S. still spreads blame in all directions.
The intention of the attacks, writes al-Shammari in his conspiracy article, was to create “an obscure enemy – terrorism – which became what American presidents blamed for all their mistakes” and that would provide justification for any “dirty operation” in other countries.  <article source link>

The 9/11 Commission Didn’t Believe the Government … So Why Should We? <LINK>
"We recognize that the state is a Criminal Enterprise, shedding the illusion of its legitimacy. 
We maintain a degree of dignity simply by knowing the truth and avoiding involvement with the state."
Continue reading article http://www.daveshellenberger.com/only-when-we-are-free-of-rulers-will-we-live-with-dignity
" Invoke authority. Claim for yourself or associate yourself with authority and present your argument with enough “jargon” and “minutiae” to illustrate you are “one who knows”, and simply say it isn’t so without discussing issues or demonstrating concretely why or citing sources." <URL link>

Eye of the Illuminati & House of Mordor , Washington D.C.
The Illegal Quasi-Government in Washington D.C.
A corporation is simply an entity which makes its own rules for its own employees and for its own structural operation. The US government, which is on a ten acre parcel of property in Washington D.C. (District of Columbia), outside the United States of America is a corporation that has taken on the role of a quasi-government, but which has no legal authority to do so.

This Awareness indicates that any action whereby this quasi-corporation known as the United States Federal Government attempts to make laws, to impose laws on the states or on the people that have not been authorized by the states of the people, operates illegally. This Awareness indicates that any of the states or the people who give their allegiance, and give their rights to such a quasi-government are doing so illegally. Anyone who volunteers to let such a foreign entity control their lives is volunteering their freedom away illegally, and this is where changes will soon begin to occur, and where entities will begin to recognize a breech in the relationship between the people, the states, and the quasi-government in Washington D.C.

The Federal government, which is foreign to the United States of America, which is located in the District of Columbia, which is not part of the United States and which is in fact controlled to a great extent by the international bankers and by the laws and rules of the United Nations, whereby this Federal Washington D.C. state or country, has set itself up as a control over the United States of America as a quasi-government

This Awareness indicates that elected officials residing outside of the United States of America in Washington D.C., are not actually employees or officials of the United States of America, or its rules. The states' rules do not apply. The states' Constitution does not apply to these entities in Washington D.C. because they are acting outside the country in this second nation known as the Federal government.

This Awareness indicates in other words, the United States Federal government and the United States of America are basically two different countries, and the Constitution of the United States of America is not the law of the United States Federal government. Therefore, these entities cannot, while in the District of Colombia, be accused of treason. They are operating on behalf of the foreign bankers and their special interests.

Article source <_at_this_link_>

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Illuminati Agenda kept Humanity and planet Earth hostage for thousands of years by way of deceptions and illusions

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