Universal Spiritual Awakening

Universal Spiritual Awakening
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

ARCHONS: Pinnacle Overlord of the MATRIX

by Peter Landy 

I know some of you will feel uncomfortable with this urgently important topic because society has conditioned us from cradle to grave this is a topic of delusional men who “lost their marbles”. For some others this article will come across stranger than fiction. But the “truth” is the reality currently imposed on us by the MATRIX is Fake! We're literally physically and psychologically hog-bound by the Global Police State responsible for holding our tortured Earth a prison planet for thousand of years. 

The first thing which comes to mind at the mention of “aliens” where's the proof?

In fact the “proof” is all around you if you cease to attribute evil extremities emanated from “government authorities” personified with human looking characters deliberately setup to be the “fall guy or gal” distracting us from the real perpetrator who continues to manipulate, behind the scene, by way of deception, inflicting incessantly, horrific human casualties by artificially created chaos under flagrant “in-your-face” corruption, false flags, manufactured wars, engineered distribution of covert bio-warfare. Extreme weather modification (HAARP) often wiping out coastal lines and mainland earthquakes killing thousands and millions within hours. Intense Chemtrail poisoning of our planet affecting and infecting all life with Morgellons. And the intensely accelerating global police state. It has been going on for thousands of years escalating to the current state of global chaos.

So again, you ask where's the proof? To that I must tell you the proof is in the 4th dimension if we can find a way from our 3 dimensional world to it much less understand and visualize it. Fourth dimension can be explained through mathematical spatial dimension and mathematical hypothesis. However we are unable to break beyond this barrier given our limited sensory perception.

This is the ace trump card the alien slave masters stranglehold over us knowing we're structured on a belief system which requires “material” proof that correlates directly to our materially restricted 3D perception. 

Thus, this will become your limitation if you allow it. Unless you set your mind free from your Matrix conditioning by “releasing” your intuition. Your intuition is - your power to break Free!!

This revealing, introductory movie comes very close to the actual facts befallen on our planet and all of humanity. Why there's never peace and why disease instead of being eradicated becomes increasingly complex and lethal. The Archons are supreme master infiltrators. They have the ability to infiltrate every level of our society to the very core without your sensory perception detecting the actual source. Again, unless you release your intuition which constantly beckons you that something is terribly wrong - but - your 3D limited senses prevents pinpointing at the source of the culprit. Instead your attention is diverted by larger than life sensationalized Hollywood-entertaiment-disinfo major media “news” rigorously controlled by the police state apparatus serving and protecting the MATRIX.

Since every level of our society is infiltrated, by them, it also includes churches of every denomination. What this means when you commune with god you do not require a “middle man” such as the church or clergy to tell you god loves you. Your connection to god is your personal gift between god and yourself without a 3rd party cutting in instructing how you should conduct your beliefs.

During the era of the Gnostic, the “church” was the highest order of government therefore they focused on the highest order of corruption and infiltration in their time.

Today we call the highest order of corruption of the present global civil-police-miltary infrastructure with the same alien overlords under control as the MATRIX.

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