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Universal Spiritual Awakening
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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Conspiracy Theory in America (Discovering America)

Ever since the Warren Commission concluded that a lone gunman assassinated President John F. Kennedy, people who doubt that finding have been widely dismissed as conspiracy theorists, despite credible evidence that elements in the CIA, FBI, and Secret Service - (MATRIX) and senior government officials - were also involved. 

Why has suspicion of criminal wrongdoing at the highest levels of government been rejected out-of-hand as paranoid thinking akin to superstition? 

"Conspiracy Theory in America" investigates how the Founders' hard-nosed realism about the likelihood of elite political misconduct - articulated in the Declaration of Independence - has been replaced by today's blanket condemnation of conspiracy beliefs as ludicrous by definition. 

Lance deHaven-Smith reveals that the term "conspiracy theory" entered the American lexicon of political speech to deflect criticism of the Warren Commission and traces it back to a CIA propaganda campaign to discredit doubters of the commission's report.   (article source at this link)

Below, the video inroduces Tom Spellman a member of the board for Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. In this interview he and Andy Steele discuss 9/11 and the broader issue of war itself, as well as what it takes for activists to be successful in educating the public about the controlled demolition evidence.

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