Universal Spiritual Awakening

Universal Spiritual Awakening
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

IPCC Says We Can't Stop Chemtrail Assaults

Some scientists are certainly in flat out denial in regard to the climate engineering reality, others are afraid to say what they know. A NOAA scientist stated the following to me personally in a face to face conversation,
We know the climate engineering is going on, and we are alarmed as hell. We don’t know what to do as we have no first amendment protection because we are government scientists”. 
All of us are being sprayed like lab rats day in and day out.  

The criminal cabal that we call our (MATRIX) government has taken every imaginable step to silence all experts and agencies under its control. 

It’s up to us, the people, to sound the alarm. Do your part, join us in this desperate battle to expose and stop the climate engineering insanity.

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