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Universal Spiritual Awakening
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Monday, November 17, 2014

13 Chemicals Used in USA Food Products Banned In Other Countries

There are countless chemicals in use all over the world today, many of which have been linked to cancer and other serious illnesses. Once the chemical is linked to these illnesses the excuse is often that they just didn’t know that the long term effects of these chemicals would cause such disorders. Kind of like smoking, they just didn’t know that smoking would lead to cancer back then, but now they do because they are seeing it first hand. Even after it was proven that smoking caused cancer however, it took a long time to fully let the public know. When there is money to be lost the truth often becomes very shady.

Below are the top 13 worst chemicals used in food products in the US today, that are banned in other countries. The difference between the US and the rest of the world is that once something is proven to be harmful, the Food and Drug Administration (MATRIX) disagrees mostly, and the chemicals are still allowed to be widely used in food production; while many other countries ban these additives and find safer alternatives. 

Why does this happen? Mostly because many American citizens are just uninformed and uneducated on this matter, they choose to not speak out against it, and instead they keep buying the products that contain these harmful chemicals. Here are the top 13:

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