Universal Spiritual Awakening

Universal Spiritual Awakening
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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Displacing the Matrix with Humanity

By Zen Gardner
It’s not evident to all, as the fixation on the crumbling matrix and growth of the parasitic police state on the dead and dying stump of the old paradigm in the forest of the world seems to captivate most people’s attention. It blocks out people’s vision, as it’s designed to do. While we must also be aware of it, we cannot be fixated on it. 

That crumbling matrix of world information is important, but must be transcended into levels of empowerment and personal and collective activism, much like concentrating on the new growth bursting with life on that same forest floor, way surpassing the influence of this relic of old control systems.
That old rotten stump is dead and dying. It’s branches have fallen, its leaves are long gone, and its roots are rotting in the rich, active earth below transforming this fungal infection back into the cycle of life.

We are seeing the final stages of a dying epoch, and our attention needs to be on the new growth bursting up through the dead limbs and leaves of the forest floor instead of the induced drama of the dying, old and decrepit, falsely imposed structure (MATRIX).

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