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Monday, December 1, 2014

15 Natural Remedies That Will Heal All Diseases

by Healthy Food Star

These 15 tips cannot (yet) fully compensate for medical assistance, but they can certainly be used as an excellent method of treatment.

1. Against gastritis – Baking soda
Baking soda is very useful for prevention and mitigation of many diseases (including cancer) also has an important role in treating gastritis. Mix half a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink. You will feel improvement shortly.

2. More than useful – Ginger
Ginger is used as a remedy for nausea and dizziness caused by chemotherapy and some similar treatments. Ginger is excellent when it comes to treating marine diseases, detoxification and boosting immunity. The best way to consume ginger is by drinking ginger tea.

3. Turmeric – yellow is the healthiest
Turmeric is one of the most powerful natural remedies. The active medicinal ingredient in turmeric is called curcumin.This spice has anti-inflammatory properties but recent studies have shown that turmeric is true natural miracle. Turmeric’s beneficial effects on cancer and Alzheimer’s disease have been verified many times in numerous researches. Turmeric is also known as herb that strengthens the immune system and nourishes the body.

4. Lemon – sour healing
Lemon is one of the most useful ingredients on the planet because it protects against various types of diseases.Lemon contains bioflavonoid, pectin, folic acid, vitamins C, A, B1, B6, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese. This amazing fruit has beneficial effect on the intestines, stomach, immune system and many cardiovascular diseases. If you regularly eat a lemon, you can prevent diseases such as laryngitis, bronchitis, flu, cold, arthritis, high blood pressure, bacterial infections and kidney stones. According to the latest research, lemon can prevent cancer. So, drink 2 cups of lukewarm water mixed with lemon juice on a daily basis.

5. Aloe Vera – heal burns
Aloe vera gel contains active ingredients that help heal the burns. But keep in mind that this herb is not for oral usage. Apply aloe vera gel onto to affected area in order to soothe the pain and to make the burn area heal faster. The aloe gel is consisted in this plant’s leaves. You will feel better shortly after applying the gel.

6. Honey – nature’s biggest gift
A research, consisted in 2008, showed that consumption of honey may reduce superficial skin ulcers by 34%. Infants younger than 1 year should not eat honey, also those who are allergic to it. In order to treat abdominal pain, take a spoonful of honey and mix it with vinegar in a glass of water and drink it. This mixture can also be drunk for treating cough. Honey is great for soothing sunburn.

7. Cinnamon
This spice prevents bad breath, snoring and it is useful against bacteria and dizziness. Cinnamon has antiseptic properties and has is the perfect bacteria- killer. The best way to consume cinnamon is to drink cinnamon tea. Add half a teaspoon of cinnamon in boiling water.

8. Mint
Mint prevents stomach pain, cramps and bad breath and is also great for treating colds and flu. Consume mint tea in normal quantities. Add two teaspoons of dried mint in boiling water and there you have it.

9. Apple cider vinegar’s health benefits
Muscles pains can be prevented with apple cider vinegar which contains apple, citric and lactic acid. Since apple cider vinegar’s main benefit is its anti-inflammatory property, you can treat bruises and damaged muscles as soon as possible. Soak sterile gauze in mixture of water and apple cider vinegar, squeeze it and wrap it onto the affected area. Leave it like this for 1 hour. Repeat the procedure several days and the pain will disappear completely.

10. Potato – something more than just a regular vegetable
Potato is great remedy against conjunctivitis. Even though it is used in countless variations, raw potato can disinfect inflamed eyelid, on which conjunctivitis occurs. Potato is also an excellent remedy for hemorrhoids.

11. Garlic – strong and powerful ingredient
Garlic’s main ingredient is called alicin. Alicin has antibacterial, antiviral, and ant parasitic properties. Because of its unique composition, garlic can be used for treating many diseases such as viral and bacterial infections, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, parasites and chronic fatigue. Studies prove that regular use of garlic regulates blood sugar levels and can prevent cancer.

12. Coconut oil
Coconut oil has been used in the cosmetic industry for a very long time because of its high saturated fatty acids that our skin easily absorbs.

13. Clove oil
Clove oil is natural analgesic and antiseptic and is great remedy against toothache, even dentists use it. Take a cotton swab, soak clove oil and place it on the affected tooth. You can use this herb to make tea as well.

14. Little bit of coffee, little bit of green tea
Coffee and green tea can cure headache and asthma. Green tea is an excellent antioxidant and provides energy but be careful with coffee intake because too much coffee can cause headache.

15. Lavender
Lavender flowers have been used for bath, to purify the body and spirit for very long time. This plant’s sweet scent has soothing effect and relaxes and removes the feeling of tension. Lavender’s essential oil can be used to massaging but it can also assist in treating muscle pain and rheumatism. Also, lavender oil is an excellent tool for treating wounds, acne and edema. It can also help in the treatment of many skin-related bacterial infections.

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