Universal Spiritual Awakening

Universal Spiritual Awakening
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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Organizing Against Tyranny

Brandon Smith

For the liberty movement, the movement against globalization (NWO) and forced centralization of financial and political power, lies are simply not an option. The internationalists (Illuminati) have already cornered the market on lies, so we must take a completely contrary approach. We must organize around the truth.

For multiple generations, Americans and most of the rest of the world have been conditioned to believe that organization is a top-down affair that requires a central leadership that hands orders across the ranks of a rigid structure. The people within the structure operate as parts of a greater machine, and the success of the machine is (supposedly) directly related to how close the smaller parts (people) work together and follow those orders. Unfortunately, many activists in the liberty movement also assume that this is what an organization is and how it works.

Surely, there is a need for people with a talent to inspire others to thought and to action. But these men and women are nothing unless they can motivate individuals to eventually take their own initiative without orders. A true leader is a teacher — nothing more. And if he really cares about the future prosperity of the people he is teaching, that teacher’s objective will be for his students to exceed his own capabilities and to become independent in their accomplishments.

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