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Universal Spiritual Awakening
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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Scientific Truth Regarding Poisonous Chemtrail Chemical Composition

This documentary is dedicated to everyone who wants to fight for truth and life on planet Earth. Let’s stand up and defend our Life and planet Earth

By Michael Thomas |

Geoengineering Video Exposes the SCIENTIFIC Truth Regarding Chemtrail Chemical Composition: Chemtrails and Chem-clouds Proven To Contain Toxic Mix Of Aerosolized Ingredients

Since January of 2015 the skies around the world have seen a dramatic uptick in the duration and intensity of full-scale chemtrailing operations. Humanity was forewarned about this intensification of global geoengineering programs by an active chemtrail pilot in December of 2014. His prediction has turned out to be true practically to the very day.

Operation Indigo Skyfold is the name of the U.S Federal Government’s unlawful chemtrail program.  The following exposé clearly delineates what relatively very few know about what is occurring daily in the skies above them.
Because of the pervasiveness of these toxic ingredients being sprayed 24/7, as well as the poisonous nature of some of them, it is important for everyone to know what they’re being exposed to. Particularly those with chronic and/or acute respiratory disease ought to be aware. Likewise, anyone with persistent health problems or serious medical conditions ought to take notice of the information provided by this excellent video.

Truly, there is not a more serious looming global health crisis than the one being geoengineered daily by the ongoing, worldwide chemtrailing operations.

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