Universal Spiritual Awakening

Universal Spiritual Awakening
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Thursday, March 5, 2015

We Still Live In A World Where Many Believe Without Independent Critical Examination

by Marco Torres 

The status quo is reality. People don't question the existing state of affairs, especially if it's been repeated enough times as the norm in the name of social, scientific and economic progress. But how do we define progress in our species? Through advancements in energy, economics, agriculture, technology? All of the above? What about advancements in Humanity?

Humanity has taken a back-door to what we define as progress. The problem is we still live in a world where people believe:

...that killing a person is unacceptable but killing millions of people through war is all good in the name of peace.

...that out of the millions of planetary systems, Earth is the only one with intelligent life.

...that despite being around for billions of years, the Sun, a primary source of life on Earth, is evil between 10pm-4pm.

...that 90% of the world being enslaved to earn paper money is totally acceptable.

...that there are no consequences of GMOs or for example injecting fish genes into strawberries since after all, nature won't know the difference.

...that eating junk food is completely normal, but a fixation on conscious healthy organic eating is a mental disorder.

...that losing a mobile phone is more emotionally painful than entire nations suffering from poverty.

...that injecting or consuming toxic drugs is medical science but healing the body naturally must be quackery.

...that it is acceptable to demonize a plant and incarcerate those in possession, yet a drug company processing that same plant into a pill is perfectly fine.

...that scientific method and its conclusions are totally unbiased, unfiltered and independent from the objectives of those funding the experiments.

...that it's acceptable to assume that drinking a cup of fluoridated water will prevent tooth decay, but swallowing thatbsame amount of fluoride in toothpaste warrants an immediate call to poison control

...that poisoning and burning the body to kill cancer, while leaving the immune system completely shattered is a very logical process to healing

Yes, most of society still associates with and believes in all of the above. Do you see a problem here?

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