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Universal Spiritual Awakening
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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Protect Yourself from Poisons in the Environment

UPDATED: 06/07/2016
(NewsTarget) There are ways to protect oneself from chemtrail toxins and rid oneself of toxins that are in them. Most of the methods of detoxing chemtrail poisons are very workable for virtually all toxic metals, regardless of their source. In case you`re fairly new to the subject of chemtrails, or wish to find out more on what toxins are in those fascinating chemtrails that too frequently decorate the sky, visithttp://www.naturalnews.com/026200.html.

Toxic metal molecules, such as aluminum and barium within the sprayed chemtrails, invade various cells and perform a "molecular mimicry." This mimicry involves displacing important mineral molecules in human cells and binding toxic molecules to those host cells. Eventually, a destructive process occurs on cellular and DNA levels. Because of that binding, a chelating agent is needed to remove those mimicking molecules.

"The root cause of heavy metal poisoning is the buildup of heavy metals in the body, specifically the soft tissues. Heavy metals that are responsible for heavy metal toxicity include cadmium, antimony, chromium, mercury, lead and arsenic. Individuals frequently encounter these metals via the environment, water supply and residential applications." <source link>

My personal favorite detox combination is Cilantro with Chlorella and Bentonite Clay.

General Directions
Disclaimer: I'm not a licensed physician or certified health care provider.  What I offer here is with best of intention for the highest good of humanity.

1) On empty stomach at least two hours before meals (No Snacking) take one to two grams of Chlorella two to three times a day.  Take it at least half hour before Cilantro.

2)Take Chlorella half hour before taking Cilantro On empty stomach at least two hours before meals.
Word of Caution about Cilantro:  It is a very powerful toxin agent removal.  If you're new to it than begin with two to three drops at a time and gradually work it up to dropperful drop by drop. DO NOT start with a dropperful as the instructions states on label!  The danger here is that Cilantro can release more toxins your body can process in one event which may cause severe allergy attack.

3) On empty stomach at least two hours before meals take one teaspoon of Bentonite Clay mixed in full glass of water once a day before going to sleep at night.
Word of Caution: Not all Chlorella are same.  Most of the commercial varieties are already heavily contaminated from the collecting water. 
You may also consider this brand.

Mike Adams
"Which brands of chlorella can you really trust? To answer that question, I purchased nearly every brand of chlorella I could find and took them to my lab where I run the same high-end laboratory equipment used by universities and the FDA to test for food contaminants.

When I tested the chlorella brands, I was shocked at the results (see the comprehensive chart below). I discovered that "organic" brands contain more heavy metals than non-organic! I also discovered that chlorella produced in China is typically the most polluted with heavy metals... and a lot of the chlorella sold today comes from China because it's cheaper to buy and more profitable to sell.

Lead attacks your brain and causes low IQs. Arsenic causes genetic mutations and is linked to cancers. I also made the stunning discovery that some chlorella products contain the heavy metal Tungsten, a little-known substance linked to an increased risk of stroke."  <CONTINUED at this Article Link Source>
Bentonite Clay
The Klinghardt Neurotoxin Elimination Protocol
"What are Neurotoxins? Neurotoxins are substances attracted to the mammalian nervous system. They are absorbed by nerve endings and travel inside the neuron to the cell body. On their way they disrupt vital functions of the nerve cell, such as axonal transport of nutrients, mitochondrial respiration and proper DNA transcription. The body is constantly trying to eliminate neurotoxins via the available exit routes: the liver, kidney, skin and exhaled air. Detox mechanisms include acetylation, sulfation, glucuronidation, oxidation and others. Often the host is triggered to produce neurotoxins (which are damaging to their own tissues) by the invading microbes through molecular trickery.

 We will discuss here only those elimination agents, which are natural, safe and have also been shown to be as effective (or more effective) than the few available pharmaceuticals. Because these products cannot be patented and exploited for unethical personal gain, little attention has been given to them by European or North American medical researchers. Many of the best scientific studies on this topic "are from Asian countries.  <Read complete Metal Detox Outline at this LINK>

Detox Recommendation for Liver and Kidney
Liver Health

Milk Thistle

Sophia Kidney Tincture <URL LINK>

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