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Universal Spiritual Awakening
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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Cloaked Chemtrail UFO EXPOSED: Grey-Archon Parasites "Cover-Up" Toxic, Weaponized Aerosol Dumping With Deceptive "Plane" Hologram Projection

"Flying saucers from my point of view are clearly something that the authorities don’t want us discuss seriously. Hollywood nonstop produces alien movies and as long as the subject is portrayed within the realm of fantasy, the taboo doesn’t apply. 

In my judgment an extraterrestrial presence is perceived of as a fundamental challenge to all terrestrial power elites. This includes military, political and most importantly economic sectors of the ruling classes.

The massive campaign of denial of the importance of the phenomenon and the ridicule of witnesses, reflect in part the ways in which dominant political/economic groups enforce their collective will. And to a great extent they have succeeded in keeping a partial lid on the situation.
" ~ ~ Joseph Burkes MD 2014

INTRODUCTION: It is not for me to judge what is normal or not but to alert you that the "establishment" from top down are controlling you by these and other not so subtle devious manner to force you to conform in your thinking and acting within the MATRIX. We live in a society where it is very OK in fact you're encouraged to deceive children about the existence of Santa Claus. Children are taught that "Santa" flies in a reindeer chariot across the skies that they must go to sleep on the evenings when he personally delivers gifts to each and every house from down the chimneys. All major stores, institutions sponsor fake "Santas" so children will sit on their laps expressing their wishes for happiness. However, mention the words UFO in the same sentence with Government and Military you're immediately labeled several derogatory labels for daring to think outside of the box - outside of the approved MATRIX programming. In spite of volumes of evidence all around us which corroborate anti-human agenda; humans are still afraid to break the hard coded Alien/UFO "Taboo". It is my intent in this and upcoming posting to demonstrate to you that in fact our world is controlled by non-human agenda from anti-human entities.

The two following videos, from separate sources, will demonstrate that not only are UFO as real as the cars we drive on highways but they are used to spray toxic, weaponized aerosols against all life on Earth.

Irrefutable Proof!! We see here the exposed UFO tanker, dumping toxic, weaponized Chemtrails while hologram projector and invisibility shroud malfunctioned.   

In spite of being exposed butt naked for the whole world to see what they really are the UFO tanker  continues to dump weaponized chemtrails on humanity. 

Around 0:50 through 0:53 you can clearly see without mistaking it for anything else, the classic circular round UFO shape while a wide trail of chemtrail emanates from it.  The truth is out wide open!
"We do not know what these entities are, they’re completely invisible to our eyes, our binoculars, or traditional Galileo telescopes, but these objects are fully visible in cameras attached to our Santilli telescope.

Since the dawn of our civilisation, all the way to the time of this breaking news, we humans have believed that everything that exists up there is only what we can see with our eyes and with our optical instruments.
" ~ ~Dr Ruggero Santilli

One of the best videos I've seen anywhere compliments to the author's listed website on the lower right hand corner. What you see here is one or more cloaked UFOs while their forward projected hologram plane malfunctioned. Therefore no plane because there never was one (visual illusion) but the UFO keeps on dumping toxic, weaponized aerosols.

Note how two wide plume trails are ejected from the "nose" of the invisible circular hollow which appears to our eyes as a hole in the chemical plume (that's where the actual hidden UFO resides).
Notice how the plumes, on both sides, bend around the side conforming to a circular physical surface.

Grey-Archon Parasites (a.k.a. Tall White Parasites) are using highly advanced cloaking and hologram projections to cover up the reality and source of the Chemtrail assault against Humanity.

Notice the bright orb from the nose-prow in front of the "v"shaped chemical plume (around 0:39) - - that's where the hologram plane supposed to appear but the Technology malfunctioned as it has been previously documented on several occasion.
The Mexican air force has released video footage of 11 unidentified flying objects that were only visible via an infrared camera:  They were invisible to the eye but they were there, there is no doubt about it. They had mass, they had energy and they were moving about,” ~ ~ Jamie Maussan

From the preceding videos we conclude several observations:  Chemtrail UFO tankers employ hologram projection and invisibility cloaking to conceal the true nature of the Chemtrail agenda; to prevent humans from learning that the Chemtrail Agenda is a non-human agenda by anti-human entities.
Typical Chemtrail propaganda picture, inside a "man-made plane" (FALSE FLAG) showing numerous individual tanks purportedly used to dump Chemtrail; spread about the internet to deceive and distract from the true nature of the toxic, weaponized aersols assaulting all life on Earth.
So it begs the question, if the Grey-Archon Parasites (a.k.a. Tall White Parasites) with their hyper advanced technology can easily over power humanity with their weapons why are they stealthily beating around the bush secretly assaulting humanity by way of deception and covert sabotage?

Two reasons: One is that by the most accurate definition they are Parasites: "An organism that lives and feeds on or in an organism of a different species and causes harm to its host."

The Second Reason:  Since the Grey-Archons are Parasites the nature of their predatory activity requires utmost secrecy from their host - the humans.  Their concern that once you are fully awakened and aware that Chemtrails are chemical weapons directed at all life on Earth, that not only UFO are real but Chemtrails are being dumped from them; you might connect the anti-human Chemtrail agenda to world governments and the militaries.  You might conclude that Government and militaries are working in collusion with the Grey-Archon Chemtrail agenda to harm humanity. See Experts: Chemtrails 'Not Natural' And Causing 'DNA Damage,' Weather Manipulation Destroying Earth <LINK>  

You know what?  If you do connect all those dots , you are correct!!

So another question to ask:  Why are world governments and militaries working in collusion with the Grey-Archon Parasites?  How can that be possible?   What is the connection between world governments, militaries and the Grey-Archon Parasites?

The Answer to above:  The connection are the "human appearing" NWO-Illuminati "Hybrid" Parasites that which infested and infiltrated all levels of humanity from top down; from governments, militaries, police and major institutions to control humans by way of deception and covert sabotage.
"My fellow humans; to properly address the correct solution we must first identify the correct problem." ~ ~ Peter Landy

Next time you look up at the fake planes dumping Chemtrails you're now aware of the truth.

There’s very strange things going on planet Earth right now,” ~ ~ P. Beckwith

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