Universal Spiritual Awakening

Universal Spiritual Awakening
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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Camphor Incense For Spiritual Cleansing and Protection

Camphor is a resin found in wood of the camphor laurel used to spiritually cleanse a room and  outdoor spaces around your home and car. It is a very strong scent and will drive out the heaviest of energies.   Camphor is very effective against demonic energies.  Camphor makes a space uninhabitable to spirits of lower vibrations (and that includes benevolent ghosts), as well as negative energy.

Camphor is extremely purgative it is also EXTREMELY strong, so use it judiciously. When burning camphor, it has a heavy menthol smell that can be difficult to breathe in, so again, just use a little at a time and add more as needed.  For this reason, while it can be used for indoors, I burn it for outdoors only.

Camphor can also be used to seal a room against spirit presences by first cleansing a room, and then placing chunks of camphor resin in each of the room's corners. If you cannot seal a room in this manner - for instance if you are not staying at your own home - you can place a piece of camphor in a glass of water and keep it under or beside your bed for spiritual protection.

Think of the Camphor incense as the equivalent of Citronella used to banish swarming mosquitoes from your area of residence.  When the human appearing swarming parasites escalate their usual hostilities around your outdoor living space grab a a Camphor stick; light it and use it the same way you'd use an insect fogger.  Walk around your home or car at least three times then set down the burning Camphor incense, (at the most active direction of the swarming parasites) horizontally, on fire proof surface to let it burn through.  Repeat until the situation calms down to your satisfaction.

Again, use it judiciously but when you do need to use it the Camphor is Very Effective!


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