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#WE-DO-NOT-CONSENT: "It's no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" ~ ~ J.Krishnamurti

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Inverted Totalitarianism


Hedges’ talent for ripping apart the corporate state in all its horror is well established. However, his clarion voice goes unheard in the corridors of real power. The economy dictates the marketplace that is available for sale. The advertisement is the message that is acceptable to believe. And the limits upon one’s ability to think and act rationally are controlled by the inverted totalitarianism that is of our own making.
Blaming external forces for all the ills of circumstances begs the issue. As long as passive individuals accept their subservient plight, the tyrants of the establishment culture will exploit the sheeple at every turn. Our unique existence justifies resistance to every form of tyranny that comes our way. Notwithstanding, this basic human and natural right; most citizens succumb to the mind meld of limited expectations.
The frightful consequences on the totalitarian society rest upon the shoulders of each person who refuses to challenge the system. Resisting immoral authority is your primary civic duty. Our avowed responsibility is to abolish the corporate/sate and global governance that enslaves the planet.
The economic implosion of the last few years is undeniable. The consolidation of power marches on because ordinary people obey repressive authority. Sadly, the indifference towards one’s own self-respect is the prime result of the sick popular culture. The abandonment of Western Civilization is almost complete, but is not final. 
Totalitarianism is a crime against humanity. It is up to you to do your civil disobedient duty.  (Peaceful Non-Compliance)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Why Belief in Authority is the Most Dangerous Superstition

Gary ‘Z’ McGee,

“Question authority, including the authority that told you to question authority.” ~Sixth grade girl
Let’s get something straight, here at the outset. There’s nothing wrong with authority itself. It’s the belief part that messes everything up. Anyone can claim authority. But such authority only matters if others believe in it.
I can claim that I’m an authority on unicorns, but I better have the credentials to prove it. And it would also help if unicorns existed. But the point is this: If enough people “believe” that I’m an authority on unicorns, and they “believe” that I have dissected a unicorn and revealed the magical quality of its insides that causes it to shit rainbows, then I’ll not only have violated truth, I’ll have violated the minds of others and taken advantage of their ignorance. But, and here’s the rub, it’s their fault for not questioning my so-called authority. As Albert Einstein said (himself an authority in the field of physics), “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.” So if we’re correct to question Einstein’s revolutionary theories, then we’re exponentially correct to question my unicorn theories.
Respecting a prestigious authority, or taking into consideration important knowledge gleaned by someone who is an authority in a particular domain of knowledge is fine. It’s even okay that sometimes we allow people to violate our minds. We allow artists to do it all the time. No, it’s when we “believe” in authority, when we blindly follow a perceived authority, that things go wrong.
Belief implies non-questioning. But let’s sail right past semantics and art and get down to brass tacks. Belief in authority is dangerous. And it’s doubly dangerous when the majority of people are under its spell. Here are five reasons why.

1.) It Can Cause Otherwise Good People to do Evil Things

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” ~Mark Twain
So back to my authority on unicorns. Did you know that unicorns also created the universe? Yup! Not only do they shit rainbows, they also puke universes. The last unicorn died for our sins in a forest of fiery crosses. And the only commandment that survived the test of time is this: “Anyone who questions the fact that unicorns created the universe are godless heathens and deserve to die and spend eternity in the fiery pits of a Tennessee summer afternoon.”
Now enter unquestioning idiots with hooked-on-authority soup for brains. They “believe” the Last Commandment of the Unicorns. They believe it so much that they refuse to question it, lest other believers think they are not true believers. Lest they get ostracized by the status quo. Lest they look “crazy” in the eyes of their fellow believers. Now just replace The Last Commandment of the Unicorns with the Bible or the Koran or the Constitution of the United States, or state-driven police enforcement, or the belief that “nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”
The problem is that people will fight, and kill, and murder, and commit both genocide and ecocide, for what they believe in. But they might not have fought so violently and thoughtlessly had they simply taken into consideration ALL those claims of authority and moved on smartly with their lives. The best way to maintain a healthy skepticism, and not devolve into an ignorant, sycophantic, violent mess, is to take things into consideration and question them rather than believe in them.

2.) It Leads to the Idea That We Need to Give a Group of People Permission to Control Us

“The multitudes have a tendency to accept whoever is master. Their very mass weighs them down with apathy. A mob easily adds up to obedience. You have to stir them up, push them, treat the men rough using the very advantage of their deliverance, hurt their eyes with the truth, throw light at them in terrible handfuls.” ~Victor Hugo
By the way, the Church of the Last Unicorn is in charge of everything. It is the power behind all nation states. It pulls the strings of presidents. It whispers dark secret nothings into the ears of queens. It tugs the coattails of emperors. Its poison-soft invisible rainbow-powers saturate all things. You might as well just give into it. You might as well just let them pull your strings through the indirect authority of strategically placed men. It’s just the way things are, after all.
Or, you could question it all. You could question the almighty Unicorns. You could question the kings and queens and emperors and presidents and judges and lawyers and cops. You could question all authority, especially the so called authority of the state. It’s so easy even a sixth grader understands it (see opening quote).
The alternative is devolving into a statist. A statist is a person who believes that a group of people have the right to force, coerce, enslave, rob, and murder others. Statism is a mental disorder brought on by years of indoctrination. The problem is that the majority of the world’s population has been conditioned and brainwashed into believing in the almighty power of the state. The problem is that the majority of people are too afraid to question the state, lest they become ostracized by the statist-junky status quo. The problem is that most people don’t even know that they don’t know that there is an alternative.

3.) Power Given to Authority Tends to Corrupt

“I have as much authority as the Pope. I just don’t have as many people who believe it.” ~George Carlin
Here’s a little secret: The Pope has unicorn powers. Then again, so does Colin Kaepernick. Keep in mind, the unicorn power is a righteous power. It’s a loving power that had, and has, the greatest of intentions. It created the universe, after all. And if you don’t believe it, then feel free to rot in Hades, Illinois, located directly across the Mississippi River from St. Louis (according to Uncyclopedia: the content-free encyclopedia).
But I digress, the problem with power isn’t its intent. The problem with power is that it tends to corrupt the one wielding it. And when it comes to absolute power –well, we all know where that leads. So since we all know that power tends to corrupt, and since we all want power anyway, it behooves us all to be circumspect both with it and against it.
So it stands to reason not to give power to authority by believing it, but to use the power of authority instead by undermining it. And the best way to use the power of authority is to use it against the authority by questioning that authority. It’s a social leveling mechanism par excellence, similar to the Native American concept of counting coup. As Elie Weisel said, “Every question possesses a power that does not lie within the answer.” We just need to use that power more effectively, especially against ourselves. Unicorns forbid!

4.) It Leads to An Ignorant and Apathetic Citizenry

“The totally convinced and the totally stupid have too much in common for the resemblance to be accidental.” ~Robert Anton Wilson
In the Unicorns we trust! Their powers are ubiquitous. Their symbols of control are hidden in all the world’s national flags, waiving influentially over the weakened masses. Their horns are the invisible bone funnels in everyone’s pie, siphoning power like it was blood pudding. Oh, I forgot to mention, blood pudding is a unicorn’s favorite dish. Obey, or go without!
When it comes down to it, obedience to authority is a disease of laziness and indifference. It hinders the progressive evolution of our species by undermining anything that might challenge the current system for the better. Forget “for the worst.” Fighting for the better at risk of the worst is far superior to shirking the better in fear of the worst. Similarly, worst case scenarios should not be avoided at the expense of healthy progress. Healthy progress should be embraced at the risk of worst case scenarios. Otherwise we don’t get anywhere but where we are. Which is great if “where we are” is perfect. But since perfection is not possible, we must be willing to risk upsetting the all-too-precious apple cart (or blood pudding cart, in this case) in order to progress.
If, as Jose Ortega y Gasset said, “Man, whether he likes it or not, is a being forced by his nature to seek some higher authority. If he succeeds in finding it of himself then he is a superior man; if not, he is a mass-man and must receive it from his superiors,” then it is incumbent upon us to have the courage to shirk our inner mass-man in order to discover self-authority through self-questioning. As long as we are responsible with our own power, and as long as we don’t allow anyone to hold too much power over us, then we might just be able to get out of our own way as a species.
Because, as it stands now, we are definitely in our own way. Especially since following authority in today’s world means giving into debt-slavery, kowtowing to an expropriating state, and being unwitting accomplices to genocides past andecocides future. As the authors of The Fuck-it Point surmised, 
“Obedience to authority is not a valid excuse; not when doing what we’re “supposed to do” means letting this civilization-machine continue to kill life on earth just to make commodities out of living beings and life easy only for some.”

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Real Change Happens When Millions of People Stand up and Say "WE REJECT THESE OPTIONS!"

Posted on  by Jim Lantern

We The People have never been given the option to directly vote against a candidate. By each candidate’s name there is only one box to check, and doing so means you are voting in favor of that candidate. What if there were to be a second box to check by the name of each candidate as a means to vote against a candidate? I first thought of that for local elections of judges running unopposed – so for lack of someone running against them the one is likely to win.

For presidential candidates, what if you as a voter strongly reject both or all candidates on the ballot? Your one vote could be to check a box next to a candidate name for who you most oppose rather than a vote for “the lesser of two evils” as we are presently forced to do. Or the least of three or more evils if more than two choices and all are considered to be bad. Then perhaps a vote against a candidate is counted as a negative, a vote for a candidate is counted as a positive; the total of the negatives to be subtracted from the total of the positives for a total score per candidate. So you are voting against a candidate instead of voting for a candidate.

Further, if you reject all choices on the ballot, then check the box to toss all of them out! We should have that option! If the majority of voters reject all choices, then new candidates and a new election would be called for. It would be a vote of no confidence in the current election and its candidates to demand a new election with new or different candidates.
So to hell with all of them – you demand the system find better choices, rather than accepting a system that is forcing you to vote for unacceptable choices. When faced with that reality – our current reality for Election 2016, some voters will refuse to vote as the only means to reject current choices.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Shungite Plate On Your WiFi - Wireless Will Absorb Harmful EMF Radiation

(Era of WisdomElectromagnetism is an interaction between electrically charged particles. Everything in the natural world produces an electromagnetic field, including the human body. But in this modern age, we are also exposed to unnatural EMF’s that are emitted from various man-made devices, from handheld electronics, to power lines, to microwaves.
While short term exposure to low level electromagnetic fields is not known to causesignificant change in our own fields, it is well documented and intuitively understood by anyone with EMF sensitivity: we need to protect ourselves from it. The duration of exposure raises serious concern however, because many of us are constantly bathing in it by holding cell phones, living in small spaces with WiFi routers, ect.
Electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones “emit both Radio Frequency (RF) and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation, which can be absorbed the tissues closest to where the device is used.” Further research may be needed to confirm the specifics of the connection, though many studies have been done linking EMF radiation to cancereye damageinsomnia,fertility issuesenzyme dysfunctionDNA mutations, etc.
Coinciding with the rise of WiFi and smart phones, there has been a rise in infertility. According to a study from India entitled“Electromagnetic Field Exposure Effects (ELF-EMF and RFR) on Fertility and Reproduction”
“Electromagnetic  fields  and  radiofrequency  radiation  (RFR)  interact  with  human  tissues  and  may  have  adverse  effects  on  fertility  and  reproduction.  This  review  presents  evidence  for  ELF – EMF and RFR effects on many parameters of male sperm function; leading to questions  about the genotoxicity and carcinogenicity of such exposures on fertility and reproduction in  men.”
So, is there a way to reduce the amount of exposure we’re inevitably vulnerable to?
An answer may be Shungite, a “non-crystalline mineraloid consisting of more than 98 weight percent of carbon.”

An ancient mineral discovered in Shunga, Russia, it has been used since the 18th century for medical treatments and water filtration. More recently, the physical properties and molecular structure of Shungite have been found to block EMF radiation when you place it on or near the emitting device.
The secret to its purifying power? Fullerenes. According to this comprehensive page about Shungite“A fullerene is a pure carbon molecule composed of at least 60 atoms of carbon (C60) that form a hollow, cage like structure.” The unique patterns within Shungite and miraculous properties continue to mystify researchers.
Though the harmful effects of EMF radiation are rarely released to the public, there are several scientific studies and personal experiences which relate our everyday use of electronic devices to a plethora of illnesses.
The best thing we can do is question, research, and take initiative in protecting our health!
Since “an EMF is a measurable entity,” it is possible to also measure the change in frequency that occurs when Shungite is placed on or near the emitting device.
Here is video proof of Shungite’s ability to neutralize EMF radiation.
<Article Source Link>

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

The NEW WORLD ORDER Orchestrated by the NWO-Illuminati "Hybrid" Parasites - The Secret "Human Appearing" Race

One of the most notorious NWO-Illuminati "Hybrid" parasite in living history gloating how easy it was to manipulate humanity by way of deception and covert sabotage.  These hostile parasite hybrids, for all intent and purposes appear human to our 3D limited sensory perception. Every level of the global human society surreptitiously infiltrated and infested by the human appearing parasites.  They control global governments, including ours, military, police and all major institutions.  It's very important for you to understand that these parasites are not just the "cabal"; they are an entire "human appearing" race which at my personal speculation, from what I've seen and experienced, infested about 30% of the global population.

"Lets forgive the Nazi war criminals" (George Bush, New York Times, April, 14, 1990)

NWO-Illuminati "Hybrid" Parasite - anti-human royalty. Perpetual pre-meditated genocide assault against the terrestrial humanity.

 1993 December 20. George Bush was knighted by the Queen (well known, infamous NWO-Illuminati Hybrid" parasite) as a Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honorable Order of the Bath. This was for his leadership in the Gulf War, when he sent American solders to die for England's interest of their petroleum in Kuwait. Order Of The Garter

 Although he does not recall when asked, George (Herbert Walker) Bush was in Dallas the day JFK was assassinated.

by Sergey Baranov
Many things have been written by researchers and authors on an oppressive global regime which is now unfolding in front of our eyes. As the result of their work, many more have awakened to the sinister agenda created and implemented by the powers that be. This agenda has many faces and many names, not all of which might be known to you.
Another infamous NWO-Illuminati "Hybrid" Parasite openly telling you exactly what they're doing.
The societal move towards global poverty driven by the artificial scarcity and an obsession to control the people will not be hidden from you. You will recognize the resurrection of the old totalitarian regimes in which there is no place for personal freedom. You will see the arms of the evil octopus wearing the masks of Agenda 21Eugenics and Transhumanism, to name just a few. These are the code names and different faces of the same agenda – to harness humanity.

In any totalitarian system of control, there is zero tolerance for individuality, spirituality, self-expression, creativity and other forms of self-empowerment. It doesn’t even take a spiritual realization, of one being a cosmic consciousness that was fortunate to receive human body to experience life and spiritually grow through it. All it takes to resist any form of tyranny and enslavement is human dignity and love for freedom. Carrying goodness at heart, such a person would recognize a manifestation of evil when he or she sees one. Anything which would limit and restrict freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of exploring one’s own mind and other natural freedoms with which each person is born into this world, would appear to him or her as a harmful and negative influence, and seen as disease which must be cured.
NWO-Illuminati "Hybrid" Parasite lamenting how much easier it was in the old days to manipulate and harvest human lives.
Accepting tyranny on one’s soul would be same as accepting cancer on one’s body. Both must be resisted since both are deadly. Understanding that would be enough to wake up to one’s humanness, defending the right to exist and enjoy a healthy social and natural environment, both of which are now under attack.
If the current trend develops, we will quickly find our lives being diminished to a biological existence similar to that of an ant; a daily race in the search of the food under the constant threat of being smashed by the boot of tyranny.
So what is the New World Order?
Well, in reality it’s the same old world order – a merger of corporate power and state, but this time around, scientifically and technologically enhanced. It is the same old system of control.  

Friday, September 23, 2016

We Don’t Need a New President – We Need a New System With a New Consciousness

By Makia Freeman

What the United States needs most right now is a new consciousness, and a new system which springs from that elevated consciousness – not a new president.

Hope and change, or similar notions, are almost always seized upon by politicians vying for office, because they play off people’s dissatisfaction with the status quo. However, history shows us that generally the promised change never quite happens in a way that’s good for the people. The movement or revolution in the making tends to dissipate once the candidate takes office. It leaves us betrayed and trapped, like a donkey tricked into doing hard work, reaching forward for the carrot on a fishing line that always remains out of grasp no matter what he does.

We may get a new president, but he or she will inherit the same system of control. Meet the new boss; same as the old boss. Lord Acton famously said that “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. It is a very rare person indeed who cannot be corrupted by the massive excess of power that is afforded an office like that of the US President.

Haven’t we learned enough from history, with pages full of mass murder, genocide and war, to see the disastrous consequences of concentrating power in too few hands? - - 

Or are we going to continue to delude ourselves that decentralization is too inefficient, and that it’s better to sacrifice freedom for “more efficacious decision making”? It’s just like our health; many people would rather eat fast food and hold cell phones to their heads for hours (thus microwaving themselves) because it’s more “convenient” than eating home cooked meals and talking on landlines. Our values and priorities are so out of whack we are literally killing ourselves with our decisions.

Imagine if we put as much power into changing the system as we did changing the US president. Imagine a new system where the government only had 1/6th of its current power, and things like defense, education, energy and healthcare were decentralized and not under the government umbrella. Imagine a new system like direct democracy where citizens could vote electronically on bills and initiatives, thus bypassing much of the need for elected representatives. Imagine a new system where the government had to balance its books and legally could not borrow to go into debt. Imagine a new system where only those who didn’t want the job were chosen, in order to prevent the ambitious from becoming career politicians. Imagine a new system where campaigning and rigged electronic voting machines were banned. Imagine a new system where anyone who declared war would have to personally go on the front lines to fight it!
We have the numbers and the power. We could create any new system we wanted to, only limited by our imagination and our will.

Elevated Consciousness: Key to Any New System

However, before we create any possible new decentralized system, we need to address the root cause of the issue. To really be beneficial, any new system must be grounded in a higher state of consciousness. Einstein said that a problem can only be solved by moving to a higher level of thinking than that which created it. The real revolution has to be a revolution of consciousness. Any other movement or revolution that is not accompanied by this is bound to fail.
Imagine if we put as much power into changing the system as changing the President.
If you live in the US, I urge you to think big this election cycle. Don’t just think about which candidate you want, because after all, many are bought-and-sold NWO puppets. Think about the entire system. Think about what changes you would make if you could. Think about what system would better serve everyone. Share this with people you know, even if they aren’t open to it, because it may just plant a seed in their minds. 
We don’t have to constantly settle for mediocrity by choosing the lesser of two evils. We’re better than that.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

These 13 Foods Aren’t What You Think They Are


Have you ever thought about what else you might be eating that’s absolutely disgusting? Well, here’s a small list of 13 “foods” that are often mislabeled, misnamed, or simply misunderstood.

Grated Parmesan Cheese

The FDA says that Cellulose, which is made from wood pulp, is a safe food additive when used as an anti-clumping agent, acceptable at levels of 2% to 4% (gross). But, just this last year Bloomberg News found that multiple brands of “100% Grated Parmesan Cheese” had 7.8% to 8.8% cellulose (they also mix it with less expensive cheese like swiss, mozzarella, and cheddar). One expert even estimated that 20% of U.S.-produced grated Parmesan cheese is mislabeled.

Breakfast Syrup and Maple Products

As a kid growing up, we ate Aunt Jemima “maple syrup” and had zero idea it was the furthest thing from actual maple syrup. However, once we tasted the difference, it was clear. And to that point, last February maple industry groups sent a letter to the FDA, protesting foods that are labeled as maple even though there is no maple in the ingredients.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

The EVOO industry can be a little bit less than honest. This is one product that you MUST read the label on.
“The truth is, there’s often nothing virgin about most of the “extra-virgin” olive oil sold in the U.S., and fraudulent oil, 50% by some estimates, is often vegetable oils and artificial coloring. Four out of 10 bottles that claim to be Italian olive oil are just packed or transported through Italy and are not made from Italian olives. Recently, an Italian criminal investigation was launched against seven of the country’s top olive oil companies after tests revealed nine out of every 20 bottles were fraudulent. They were accused of importing canola and soybean oil to mix into their olive oil sold as extra-virgin,” reports the article.


Can you believe that sweet, innocent, gift from bees, honey- makes up 7% of food fraud cases? In 2013, a huge “honey laundering” scheme was uncovered in China of all places. Adulterated Chinese honey, some mixed with sweeteners, antibiotics, and pesticides, was found to be being shipped through other countries in order to disguise its origin (for importation and sale in the U.S.).

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ron Paul: Vote All You Want, the Secret Government Won’t Change


In a recent episode of his web show, the Liberty Report, Ron Paul discussed the Department of Homeland Security’s decision last month to take a more active role in U.S. elections. Secretary Jeh Johnson said he was “considering whether elections should be classified as ‘critical infrastructure,’ affording them the same kinds of enhanced protections that the banking system and the electrical grid receive,” POLITICOreported.

Speaking on DHS’s decision to become more involved in the process following the DNC hack, Ron Paul offered a scathing indictment of the federal organization, arguing it will capitalize on troubling events to seize power:
They may have false flags and they may do a lot of things, but no matter how an emergency comes up, they’re going to make use of it. And the use of it isn’t to say ‘Hey, how are we going to protect the American people?’ Are they worrying, when they talk about doing something about rigged elections, [that] the votes are counted? No, they’re making sure that the votes aren’t counted and they’re irrelevant and the government has all this power.”
Ron Paul speaks about rigged elections from personal experience. In 2012, when he ran for president within the Republican Party, he was silenced by the media and the political establishment. Primaries and caucuses in Maine and other states showed irregularities, and at more than one caucus event, the lights were simply turned off when Paul supporters stood up to Republican leadership. At another caucus, police assaulted and arrested them.
The elections don’t matter. This is a ritual that we go through,” Paul observed last week. Instead, he referenced a seemingly omnipotent power much more influential than the ‘will of the people.’
My belief is that the control is the Deep State, and people have to realize that,” he said.
Michael Lofgren, a former Republican congressional aide, has written extensively on the Deep State and describes it as “a hybrid entity of public and private institutions ruling the country according to consistent patterns in season and out, connected to, but only intermittently controlled by, the visible state whose leaders we choose.
Lofgren continues:
The Deep State does not consist of the entire government. It is a hybrid of national security and law enforcement agencies: the Department of Defense, the Department of State, the Department of Homeland Security, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Justice Department.
FOR THE RECORD:  You have been deceived, lied to and cheated out of the truth about the reality of the world we live in.
There are TWO human races;
The original terrestrial humans - meaning us.  And the, secret, undocumented - NWO-Illuminati "Hybrid" Parasiteshuman "appearing" race which blends in perfectly and seamlessly with us terrestrial humans.  

These hostile parasite hybrids, for all intent and purposes appear human to our 3D limited sensory perception. Every level of the global human society surreptitiously infiltrated and infested by the human appearing parasites.  They control global governments, including ours, military, police and all major institutions.  
I wish I could wake everyone up to this fact but unfortunately at this point the only thing which appears to expose them require extra-sensory perception among the few of us "real" humans.
We are being blamed for the global destruction caused by these, malicious human appearing hybrid parasites, by way of deception and covert sabotage.
Lofgren notes the financial system is also under the influence of the Deep State and that certain areas of the judicial system, namely, the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, are manipulated by the opaque, shadowy apparatus.
As Ron Paul observed:
Those powers are already there and I think those individuals who are behind the scenes who really find out what the policies are going to be, regardless of who’s in office, know exactly what we argue: that this place, our country, and our financial system and foreign policy is very precarious and something terrible is going to happen.
One of those things, he argued, is the continued usurpation of civil liberties:
This is where the real enemy is right now. Sure, we have to have a national defense. But I don’t agitate and read and study and try to change people’s minds because I think somebody is going to invade us. I want to change foreign policy so we are less in danger. But really, the greatest danger since 9/11 has been the taking away of our liberties. Our civil liberties have been undermined. This will only add fuel to the problems we have already.
He concluded:
We do accept the notion that our elections are rigged, but we certainly don’t come down on the side of believing that the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA will unrig our elections.
It is a distressing thing to think that — [this is probably a] true statement — no matter what you do [with] your vote, whether you vote or not, the Deep State is in charge and that is what we have to deal with.”
Nevertheless, Paul remained positive:
“But it is good to be politically active, to preach this message, to show people exactly what the government’s doing to us and why we should be involved.
But of course, the whole purpose, in the end, has to be that we change our economic philosophy, we change our attitude about protection of our civil liberties, and we change our attitude about getting involved in the internal affairs of other nations, occupying other countries, and being involved in nation-building. If we do those three little things then, believe me, the world would be much more peaceful and we would all be much more prosperous.”
<Complete, uninterrupted article source link>

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Facts You Need To Know About Home Radiation


Common Sources of Electronic Radiation
Most home electronics devices emit electronic radiation. Below is a list of equipment that could be causing problems in your health.
  • Cordless Phones
  • Cordless Baby Alarms
  • Cellular Phones
  • Wireless Routers
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Bluetooth Devices
  • Radios
All of these items emit varying levels of radiation, with cell phones (smartphones, in particularly) being the largest source of radiation. [2] If you live nearby a cell phone tower, you are probably receiving an even larger dose of radiation. Neighborhoods are typically swimming in radiation due to the numerous wireless networks and cell phones being employed in practically every house. This makes it very challenging to completely remove it from your life; however, there are simple ways that may reduce radiation.
The Dangers of Electronic Radiation
Electronic radiation from everyday devices is usually emitted in very small quantities; however, with the large (and ever growing) number of devices that we have in our homes, the cumulative effect can be very dangerous.
Here are the proposed health problems that are often said to be associated with radiation:
  • Irregular Behavioral Patterns in Children[3]
  • Skin Cancer Risk[4]
  • Hypersensitivity and Increased Blood Pressure
  • A Constant Feeling of Melancholy or Depression
  • Exhaustion and Fatigue
  • A Disruption in Sleep Patterns
  • Frequent and Severe Headaches
  • Abdominal Pain, Constipation, Diarrhea
Many of the above health risks associated with radiation from everyday electronics have seen some, but not much, scientific investigation. Until more research is provided, it’s very difficult to say that radiation in itself causes any of the above health concerns. Still, because these are valid concerns, it is best to take certain precautions to reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to on a daily basis.
How to Eliminate Radiation from Home Electronics
Test your home to determine where your radiation is emitted. Adjust your environment to reduce the amount of radiation that you are exposed to at home. Investing in clothing garments that protect against radiation can go a long way in protecting your health. Antioxidants may also protect from radiation, with turmeric being one of the highest sources of antioxidants in the spice world.