Universal Spiritual Awakening

Universal Spiritual Awakening
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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Real Change Happens When Millions of People Stand up and Say "WE REJECT THESE OPTIONS!"

Posted on  by Jim Lantern

We The People have never been given the option to directly vote against a candidate. By each candidate’s name there is only one box to check, and doing so means you are voting in favor of that candidate. What if there were to be a second box to check by the name of each candidate as a means to vote against a candidate? I first thought of that for local elections of judges running unopposed – so for lack of someone running against them the one is likely to win.

For presidential candidates, what if you as a voter strongly reject both or all candidates on the ballot? Your one vote could be to check a box next to a candidate name for who you most oppose rather than a vote for “the lesser of two evils” as we are presently forced to do. Or the least of three or more evils if more than two choices and all are considered to be bad. Then perhaps a vote against a candidate is counted as a negative, a vote for a candidate is counted as a positive; the total of the negatives to be subtracted from the total of the positives for a total score per candidate. So you are voting against a candidate instead of voting for a candidate.

Further, if you reject all choices on the ballot, then check the box to toss all of them out! We should have that option! If the majority of voters reject all choices, then new candidates and a new election would be called for. It would be a vote of no confidence in the current election and its candidates to demand a new election with new or different candidates.
So to hell with all of them – you demand the system find better choices, rather than accepting a system that is forcing you to vote for unacceptable choices. When faced with that reality – our current reality for Election 2016, some voters will refuse to vote as the only means to reject current choices.

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