Universal Spiritual Awakening

Universal Spiritual Awakening
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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

2016 The Year America Realized the Inevitable Result of Constantly Choosing the ‘Lesser of Two Evils

Claire Bernish

Election after election, Americans sat idly by as decent candidates who challenged the status quo were shunned and dismissed by the media as unelectable. All the while, demagogues on power trips were continually thrust into the limelight as the only viable options. Well, the chickens are finally coming home to roost.  

Exactly how nonsensical the 2016 presidential election could get — and how far mainstream media would go to distort facts and significance — received a resounding answer this week, thanks to Wikileaks first massive disclosure of Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s hacked emails and the oh-so-convenient twin reminder from the DNC via the media that Trump said some awfully lewd and disgraceful shit some 12 years ago.

Perhaps Hillary’s perfect track record of fabrication, mendacity, near — if not outright — criminal behavior, and interminable list of scandals should have nullified any integrity for the presidency in the American public’s collective mind, if not landed her behind bars, years ago.

Perhaps Trump’s laughably false reputation as businessman extraordinaire, despite a history replete with scamming, conning, shortchangingfailing to paylawsuits, swindles, bankruptcies, and, oh yeah, those not-at-all worrisome underage rape allegations and the aforementioned statements, from his own mouth, about forcing himself on women against their will, should have prohibited any intimation of hopes for the White House before the thought ever crossed his mind.

Apparently none of these matters occurred to any of the players involved — or, maybe they did — and strategy dictated their timing less than a month prior to the national election because, at this point, it’s too late for America to reverse its idiotic, failed-from-jump-street course toward utter disaster.

We’re not only speeding toward the edge of a perilous cliff, but arguing over who should steer the wheel — leaving no one competent enough available to man the brakes.

It’s additionally entirely possible control of the wheel won’t matter, considering the current driver’s obstinance might first divert us into full-scale world — if not nuclear — war.

Wars the imperialist government of the United States, which has incidentally gone rogue and no longer represents its people, undertook in the name of fighting both the terrorism and terrorists it created and continues to fund — again, with our tax dollars.

On the other hand — though you might not realize, since these headlines don’t sell — we’ve also quietly innovated, organized peaceful resistance, come together despite differences, taken successful stands against callous policies and reckless industries, usurped the mainstream media’s forever-faulty narratives, subverted Big Government, spread awareness, helped save our planet’s flora and fauna from near ruin, and generally effected good works.

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