Universal Spiritual Awakening

Universal Spiritual Awakening
#WE-DO-NOT-CONSENT: "It's no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" ~ ~ J.Krishnamurti

Thursday, November 3, 2016

False Flags and Manufactured Wars by the Human Appearing NWO-Illuminati "Hybrid" Parasites

To address the proper solution humanity must first identify the correct problem.

My fellow humans, I have warned many times about the true controllers over our planet - the human appearing NWO-Illuminati "Hybrid" parasites. I have witnessed and seen them in real time experience - up close. They blend in perfectly and seamlessly with the real terrestrial humans. Every level of the global human society is surreptitiously infiltrated and infested by these human appearing parasites. It is time to search for non-conventional answers for the perpetually repeating human catastrophes afflicting Earth for thousands of years. We are not alone, never was, and they are hiding in Washington DC, Vatican, Royal Palaces and other major government controlling centers to control you by way of deception and covert sabotage. This is why you witness total lack of compassion and empathy for human lives destroyed by rampant false flags and manufactured wars.

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