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Universal Spiritual Awakening
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Saturday, February 4, 2017

It Begs the Question: Who are the True Entities Behind the Military Intelligence Complex (MIC)?

It Begs the Question who are the true entities behind the Military Industrial Complex facade?  Who really owns and controls MIC?  They rule with iron hand beyond approach with impunity while manufacturing perpetual, brazenly obvious wars and false flags by way of deception and covert sabotage.  No amount of hard evidence can shut down this criminal empire from the ongoing destruction of humanity and Earth!  So who are they really?!?
Short Answer:  They are Archons, a.k.a. Greys, Tall White parasites and their genetic engineered hybrid parasites.
Longer Answer:  They are inter-dimensional, demonic humanoid insects known by several names (and with several appearances) as Archons, Greys and Tall White parasites; and their genetically engineered proxies known as the human appearing "NWO-Illuminati" Hybrid parasites.

By Makia Freeman

State Secrets Privilege is the cunning way the Military Intelligence Complex (MIC) shields its secrets from the judicial branch and achieves undeserved legal immunity. Eisenhower famously referred to the Military Industrial Complex in his outgoing speech, but these days, the dark heart of the Deep State or Shadow Government would better be called the Military Intelligence Complex. The Matrix or entrenched system that surrounds us cannot change with the election of Trump or a new leader, unless many determined steps are taken to dismantle the sprawling MIC monster. The MIC has unprecedented and highly consolidated power in its hands that comes from monitoring, surveilling and spying upon almost every person in the world. Even when it is challenged, the executive branch of the US Government (to protect the MIC) invokes state secrets privilege to prevent legal cases being heard in court.

Bush, Cheney, Neocons and Co. Run Away with Unchecked Executive Power

The MIC was setup in the aftermath of World War 2. There were several key steps or decisions, such as Truman passing the Nation Security Act of 1947, setting up MJ-12 in secret to handle extraterrestrial affairs, setting up the CIA in 1947 (to operate more or less above the law) and setting up the NSA in 1952. The Supreme Court ruling on the Reynolds case, enthroning the principle of the state secrets privilege, added to all this in 1953.

After the false flag attack of 9/11 and the subsequent War on Terror, the MIC gained even more power, aided by the Boy Bush Administration which was happy to skirt the law in numerous ways, including overseeing the proliferation of black sites abroad, torture (waterboarding), subcontracting military jobs to private contractors not bound by the same laws and code of ethics, and running a private assassination hit squad out of the VP’s office. Guantanamo Bay, still not closed, was chosen as one of the sites deliberately because it’s in a legal no man’s land, in between full possession of the US and Cuba, without the constitutional protections afforded to people living in the US (or Cuba). The prisoners there didn’t even have the ability to claim habeas corpus, an old legal remedy which usually allows a person to be released unless lawful grounds are shown for their detention.
In short, the US, the MIC and all its minions created off-map zones where they could do whatever the f*ck they wanted – with no oversight and zero accountability.
"Every level of the global human society surreptitiously infiltrated and infested by the human appearing "NWO-Illuminati" Hybrid parasites" ~ P.Landy

You Don’t Have Need to Know

The state secrets privilege is a manifestation of the larger arrogance shown by tyranny. It’s all about hiding behind national security, being “read in” or not, being cleared to know or not – being judged for whether you have the need to know or not. It’s all about compartmentalization, just as mind control (pet project of the Nazis and - CIA - Covertly-Infiltrated-by-Archons) itself is. It’s all about escaping liability. It’s all about power. Presidents don’t even have the need to know.
Today, we the people are speaking loud and clear. We refuse to be sprayed like bugs and we acknowledge that all the geoengineering and weather modification patents owned by the Department of Defense and its contractors do not equate to permission to spray. All spraying of the skies is illegal because no one has given their consent. As it is with medicine and science, ALL experimentation requires consent. This fundamental principle of consent ensures that the immoral thugs who have agreed to be involved in these illegal spraying programs are criminals committing crimes against humanity. <LINK>
The Pentagon has since pulled a video from their website they claimed was obtained in last week’s Yemen raid — after it was exposed to be vintage Al-Qaida footage that was made public a decade ago. <LINK>

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