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Universal Spiritual Awakening
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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"Official Institutions" Attempting to Mask the Ongoing Climate Engineering Atrocities by Parroting the "official narrative" of Denial.

Official institutions are still attempting to mask the ongoing climate engineering atrocities by parroting the "official narrative" of denial. The "Forum For Climate Engineering Assessement" recently contacted GeoengineeringWatch.org and requested an interview with me. The fact that institutional organizations feel they need to engage in such interviews is a clear sign that our combined efforts are gaining ground in the battle to reach a critical mass of awareness. Some excerpts from their mission statement are below:
Mission Statement
The Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment’s (FCEA) overarching objective is to assess the social, ethical, political, and legal implications of emerging technologies that fall under the broad rubric of climate engineering (sometimes referred to as “climate geoengineering”). We produce high-quality and policy-relevant research and commentary, and work in a variety of ways ensure that the climate engineering conversation maintains a focus on issues of justice, equity, agency, and inclusion.
Scope of Work
  • Facilitation of climate engineering research in the academic sector.
Our work in this context includes: ongoing development of a timeline that chronicles the history of climate geoengineering and provides access to critical source materials; an occasional paper series; and development of a range of other materials for teaching and research on the social and political implications of climate engineering.
The 18 minute interview I did for this "Climate Engineering Assessment" group is below (full audio and full transcript). Though the agenda behind this interview was likely to try and marginalize those that are completely committed to exposing the climate engineering assault, the interviewer, Holly Buck, was cordial and professional. This being said, Ms. Buck has made her position on geoengineering clear, she does not believe geoengineering is occurring and claims climate engineering is only a "proposal"
There is no excuse for academicians to base such conclusions on beliefs when there are volumes of verifiable facts, documents, and film footage which confirm the ongoing climate engineering reality. Unfortunately, academia (as a whole) is not at liberty speak out about the geoengineering insanity.
The recent illegal federal gag order on all NWS and NOAA employees is an example of this fact. The only way forward in the battle to expose and halt the ongoing weather warfare assault is to reach a critical mass of awareness with global populations, this effort will take all of us. Whatever the agenda of the interviewing institution may have been, the fact that they carried out this interview at all will help us carry the message to the halls of academia.

An Interview with Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch

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